New Egypt Creates All-Star Cup Shootout


NEW EGYPT, N.J. – Today New Egypt Speedway introduced the All-Star Cup Shootout race, which will be the culmination of a separate five month points series.

The overall goal of the All-Star Cup is to be in the top 10 in points leading into the Championship race on Oct. 3. The top 10 drivers in points are guaranteed a starting position for the race and its $10,000 first place prize. In addition, the Sportsman series will run for a $1,000 first place prize.

“By creating a points series that welcomes drivers from outside of New Egypt Speedway, the hope is to build stronger relationships with other tracks,” said Fred Vahlsing, New Egypt Speedway track owner. “New Jersey, as well as its surrounding states, has a number of top-notch facilities. We feel that by working together, the potential end-result can be beneficial for everyone involved.”

The All-Star Cup is open to any big-block or small-block Modified driver and will run from April to August 2013. Throughout those five months, the driver’s best eight finishes will be included towards the points championship.

A maximum of four wins per driver will be allowed. If a driver has more than four wins, his/her next best finishes will be accepted.

Drivers from surrounding tracks that race at New Egypt Speedway, including the All-Star Cup Shootout, must adhere to all New Egypt Speedway rules and regulations. This includes the new PA spec 358 engine rule.

A $100 entry fee is required per driver/per track. If a driver races at multiple tracks, an entry fee is required for any track he/she wishes to count toward their eight best finishes. For example, if a driver races at both New Egypt Speedway and Big Diamond Speedway, but has only registered for New Egypt Speedway, only those finishes at New Egypt Speedway will receive points towards the All-Star Cup Championship.

A $200 entry fee is required if a driver wishes to enter the All-Star Cup Shootout race only. All entry fees will go directly towards the race purse. The deadline to enter the series is Saturday, March 30, 2013.

In the All-Star Cup Shootout race, all drivers will draw for their heat race and heat race starting positions. New Egypt Speedway heat race money and points apply. Those who qualify for the feature through their heat race will draw for their starting position in the feature.

All guaranteed starters must attempt to qualify through their drawn heat race. Any guaranteed starter failing to qualify for the feature through his/her heat race, must attempt to qualify through the consolation race and will not be able to draw for their starting position.

Drivers outside the top 10 in points must qualify for the feature event through their heat races or consolation race.

Based upon the number of entrants, a maximum of 28 cars will qualify for the feature event.

$10,000 will be awarded to the All-Star Cup Shootout race winner; $300 to start the race. The overall All-Star Cup points Champion will receive the All-Star Cup trophy and a minimum of $2,500.