Jankowiak Breaks Through At Holland


HOLLAND, N.Y. – Second generation driver Andy Jankowiak earned his first career Race of Champions (RoC) Modified Tour victory after he won Saturday’s feature at the Holland NASCAR Motorsports Complex.

Jimmy Zacharias and Brian DeFebo led the 22-car RoC Modified field to the green flags by starter John Nelson for their 100 lap event with Zacharias leading the opening circuit. Mikael Labreche hit the turn two wall to bring out the first yellow flag on lap two. Zacharias would lead off the restart with Mike Leaty battling DeFebo for second as Matt Hirschman cleared Sam Fullone to move into fourth place on lap four.

At lap 10, Zacharias would continue to show the way over DeFebo, Leaty, Hirschman, T.J. Potrzebowski, Austin Kochenash, Daren Scherer, Chuck Hossfeld, Fullone and George Skora III racing in the top ten. Kochenash would battle with Potrzebowski for fifth on lap 15 and Daren Scherer followed Kochenash to move into sixth.

Hossfeld also went underneath Potrzebowski, moving into seventh on the speedway. Darryl Lewis Jr. hit the turn one wall on lap 20 to bring out the races second caution. Matt Hirschman would move into third on the restart as Scherer and Hossfeld followed suit as both passed Mike Leaty.

On lap 25, Zacharias and DeFebo continued to show the way over Hirschman with Scherer, Hossfeld, Leaty, Kochenash, Skora, Jankowiak and Potrzebowski racing in the top 10. The top two continued to pull away as Scherer challenged Hirschman for third. Kirk Totten slowed to bring out the caution on lap 36 for the third caution of the event. Zacharias, Hossfeld, Leaty, Jankowiak, Karl Hehr and several others all made pit stops during the caution, handing the lead over to DeFebo with Matt Hirschman in second.

The lap 36 restart would see DeFebo in the lead with Hirschman in second. Hirschman would go underneath DeFebo and take over the lead on lap 39. Kochenash went three wide with Scherer and DeFebo as Scherer moved to second with Kochenash moving to third.