Hansen Finds Victory Lane At Fonda


FONDA, N.Y. — Craig Hansen’s path to Fonda Speedway’s victory lane was marked by a trail of billowing smoke but his car never slowed.

He won the 30-lap DIRTcar modified feature by a full straightaway over front row companion Jeff Trombley, with CG Morey recording a career best third over young Bodie Bellinger, Jeremy Wilder, Ronnie Johnson, Mark Kislowski and Jeff Rockefeller.

Polesitter Hansen got the drop on Trombley on the initial break and with the track black and slick, the cars were soon running in freight train formation with only the 11th starting Johnson able to move forward significantly.

With but a single yellow on lap five slowing his progress, Hansen got to the tail of the field on lap 20 and began picking them off one by one just as his mount began to billow smoke from the rear. The crowd was waiting for him to slow, as was Trombley, but it never happened.

“I knew there was no top, so I figured if I got the lead and stayed on the bottom, I’d be all set,” said Hansen, now a five-time winner. “Then it started to smoke bad but the oil pressure was still up, so I figured it was a loose oil line and kept on going.”

In the companion Pro-Stock feature, Nick Stone snared the $800 win, besting Kenny Gates and Ivan Joslyn for his second score of the weekend.