Wilson Returns To Fremont A Winner

Greg Wilson stands in victory lane at Fremont (Ohio) Speedway on Saturday. (Photo Courtesy Fremont Speedway)
Greg Wilson stands in victory lane at Fremont (Ohio) Speedway on Saturday. (Photo Courtesy Fremont Speedway)

FREMONT, Ohio – Greg Wilson spent a month in the west racing on unfamiliar tracks. He said, simply put, he got his butt kicked.

But, he learned and couldn’t wait to get back to Ohio to familiar surroundings. The Benton Ridge, Ohio driver put his new knowledge to great use Saturday at Fremont Speedway.

Wilson passed Cole Duncan coming to the white flag and went on to score an exciting victory in the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprints on Adkins Sanitation and Fence Night. The win, coming on a Kistler Racing FAST (Fremont Attica Sprint Title) Championship Series night, is the 10th career win for the two-time All Star champion.

“This is one of the toughest places in the country. This race track…when it’s like this you can race on the thing and the guys did an awesome job prepping the thing tonight and opening up the entry to the corner. I’m speechless. Hell I haven’t been in victory lane in two years,” said an excited Wilson.

“We made a gutsy call in the pits. We hired a young kid from Washington and I was looking at him and I said screw it let’s go for this win. We changed some stuff around and I got the wing back and got lucky,” added Wilson in Engine Pro Victory Lane. “The good Lord was looking out for us and gave us a caution there at the end. I finally got a trophy for my youngest child. My oldest daughter, we won right away after she was born.”

For Bradner, Ohio’s Nate Dussel, you couldn’t ask for a better weekend. He dominated for the win Friday at Attica Raceway Park, and then held off veteran John Ivy to score the victory at Fremont in the Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprints.

“You dream of sweeping a weekend. All I can saw is wow. These guys have this car so dialed in…it’s easy to drive right now,” said Dussel.

“I’ve got a ton of respect for John (Ivy). He’s one hell of a race car driver and pretty much put himself in the history books. I know he’s going to be coming even if he’s a little slower than me he’s going to run me down in lapped traffic. I thought I got through traffic decent…I opened up holes for him,” added Dussel of his 8th career Fremont victory. “Scott (Gressman) puts a fantastic bullet under the hood. It takes off like a rocket ship and doesn’t miss a beat.”

In the AAA Ohio Auto Club Dirt Trucks, Bellevue, Ohio’s Cory Ward led all 20 laps, but rookie Matt Foos and veteran Art Ball didn’t make it easy as they hounded him the entire distance. For Ward, a former track champion, it was his 22nd career victory, moving him into a five way tie for 21st on the track’s all-time win list.

“It helps to start up front. My girlfriend Kayla picked the number and it worked out perfect. I just knew I had to beat him (Foos) on the start and get to the inside and I figured I’d be alright,” said Ward. “I have to thank my dad, my grandpa and my uncle Jeff…if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here.”

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