Short Rolls To Plymouth Speedway Glory


PLYMOUTH, Ind. – It was a power-packed night of racing at Plymouth Speedway Saturday night.

Five caution flags flew in the Super Street feature with a six-car pile-up on lap 12 that took two cars out of the race. Bobby Hinkle had the lead for most of the race but on lap 16, it was David Short who closed the gap and took the lead. He pulled away from the rest of the field before he took the checkered flag in the first position.

“The track was pretty racy tonight and if we can get that top groove working we can really put on a good show,” said Short in his post-race interview. “Hinkle wasn’t going to give me the bottom of the track but I went after it and got the win.”

Hinkle, who ran at the Plymouth Speedway for the first time this season, finished second while Michael Daugherty rounded out the top three.

The 15-lap USAC 600 Winged Restrictor race found two different battles between the four cars running in the feature. Garrett Saunders, who started in the back, marched his way to the spot right behind the race leader, Devan Myers, who led for most of the race. It was on lap 11 when Saunders caught the leader and didn’t give that spot back. Meanwhile, it was a battle for the third place spot and Nicholas Schaefer was able to edge Bud McCune for that last spot on the podium.

Myers, who is just 10 years old and in his fifth year of racing, thanked his family, his sponsors and the fans for coming to the racetrack to watch an exciting night of racing.

“It was really tough to get around Myers,” said race-winner Saunders. “I made a mistake and almost didn’t get around him, but I finally did!”

The USAC 600 Open feature was caution-free but didn’t lack for great battles between drivers to get track position. All of the drivers commented how great the track is coming in.