Sebetto Secures FAST Championship


FREMONT, Ohio – Bryan Sebetto will tell you he doesn’t worry about points – all he wants to do is win races. Well, with $10,000 on the line Saturday and the Kistler Racing Products FAST (Fremont Attica Sprint Title) Championship on the line, even he had to be a little conservative – but only for one race.

Sebetto, who won Fremont’s track championship in 2011 and the FAST title as well, wouldn’t take many chances in the first of two features Saturday and came home with a seventh place finish. That essentially locked up the 2012 FAST championship – all he had to do was qualify for the second A-main, take the green and the title was his.

But, once the first feature was out of the way, the Fremont, Ohio native’s aggressive driving style came back out. He drove past race-long leader Craig Mintz with five laps to go and went on to score his fourth feature win of the season on Tank’s Meats Night at “The Track That Action Built,” and stood in the Engine Pro Victory Lane hoisting the Kistler Cup high.

“We were pretty far off on our set-up on the first feature. We came here with or normal deal and it wasn’t your normal track tonight. It took that make-up feature to go out and ride around and try not to destroy the thing like I tried to do five or six times. We went back and tuned on this thing and it was a rocket ship all night long,” said Sebetto beside his Crown Battery/Hammer Pallets/Gressman Powersports/JLH General Contractors/OC Shocks backed No. 24h.

“I have to thank D.J. (Foos, the 305 sprint winner). I was sitting up on the trailer watching him and watching what he was doing the last five laps of that feature. If any of those guys would have watched him the last five laps they would have known what to do,” continued Sebetto, who has eight feature wins in 2012 – 4 each at Fremont and Attica Raceway Park.

“I never in a million years would have imagined even winning a race at this race track let alone win two FAST championships and coming off the year we’ve had with a brand new team. I remember sitting up in the stands watching when I was a kid and never dreamed I’d be out here racing. I’m living the dream,” said Sebetto of the FAST title. “I just bought a house so I’ve pretty much been draining my bank account…every time I get a pay check I spend it at Lowe’s so this money will go to the home.

“I have to thank Randy and Lisa Hammer for giving me the opportunity and the guys that work their butts off on this thing, Aaron Hammer, Timmy P. and Guhn and the Gibbs boys when they show up and all the great, great sponsors,” concluded Sebetto, also thanking additional sponsors Big D’s Pizza/ Keizer Wheels/R3 Nutrition/Meggit Sandblasting and Powder coating.

In the make-up feature from the Aug. 4 Burger King Night rained out event, it was a barn-burner between Brad Bowman, Jack Sodeman Jr., Rob Chaney and Phil Gressman. In the end, Chaney would drive from third to the lead on lap 19 and would hold off Sodeman and Gressman for his ninth career win at Fremont.

“Lapped traffic was tough. I kind of knew if I stayed down on the bottom no one could get around me because they would get so tight up in the loose stuff. I got a run on the 0 (Christopher Bell) car and shoved it in there once and it bit me and I lost the lead…luckily Sodeman was trying to pass him too so I got back into the lead,” said Chaney beside his Hoy’s Bar/Level Performance/CA Customs backed No. 29. “I have to thank Daniel (Smith) and Rich (Farmer). They have worked hard on this thing. We’ve had some bad luck and I’ve made some mistakes so it’s good to get back up front.”

Fremont’s D.J. Foos would wait until the white flag to drive under race-long leader Dustin Stroup to take the lead in the Fremont Federal Credit Union 305 Sprint feature. Foos would drive to his fifth win of the season at Fremont and the 10th of 2012 as he has five victories at Attica.

“This is amazing. I could never have dreamed of a season like this,” said Foos beside his Buckshot Farms/Automatic Fire Protection/Tender Touch Car Wash/Schiets Motorsports/Pit Stop Carryouts/Crown Battery/Kistler Racing Products/Level Performance/Jet Express backed #11F. “I told the guys earlier today that I was tired of getting second and third…it’s time to win. My brother (Matt) was on the back stretch and that last yellow he gave me the signal that it was time to make something happen. He’s the high-banked champion of go-karts so I had to make sure I still got it too. I gave away one championship this year (Attica) so I’m focused on taking this one at Fremont.”

In the Fremont Fence Dirt Trucks, when John Ivy suffered mechanical woes after leading the first four laps, Daniel Roepke Jr. would inherit the lead and would go on to score his third win of the season and sixth career victory.

“It helps to start up front. Most of the wins we have we started up front and everything has held together for us,” said Roepke beside his Perkin’s Tree Service/Johnny’s Electric/Village Inn/Level Performance backed No. 88.

In the Surfin’ Sweepstakes Sports Compacts feature, Clyde, Ohio’s Tyler Sherman, 15, would lead all 12 laps to score his first career Fremont victory.

“I’m whipped…it was bumpy out there. But, I was able to hang on. That was a lot of fun,” said Sherman.

In the 30-lap make-up feature for the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprints, Brad Bowman and Jody Keegan would bring the field to the green, but before a lap could be completed, Byron Reed would stop with mechanical issues. On the ensuing restart, Bowman would jump into the lead over Keegan, Sodeman, Chaney, Sebetto and Gressman. With just two laps recorded, the caution would fly for a Brandon Martin spin.

On the restart Bowman would lead over Keegan while Sodeman and Chaney battled for third with Gressman in tow. Bowman would set a wicked pace, encountering lapped traffic by the sixth circuit! With nine laps in the books the race became very exciting as Keegan had caught Bowman with Sodeman and Chaney making it a four car war.

Sodeman would grab the lead on lap 14 with Bowman and Chaney staying glued to his rear bumper. Bowman would drive back into the lead a lap later with Sodeman and Chaney hanging tough with Gressman, Keegan, Sebetto and Duane Zablocki in tow. On lap 19, Chaney would drive around both Sodeman and Bowman to take the lead with Sodeman grabbing second a lap later, with Gressman moving into third.

On lap 27, as he tried to get around a lapped car, Chaney would jump the cushion, allowing Sodeman to take the lead. But, Chaney would use the lapped car a lap later to regain the lead. With two laps to go, Christopher Bell and Roger Campbell would get together right in front of the lead pack to bring out the caution and set up a two-lap shoot-out.

On the restart, Chaney would pull away from Sodeman with Gressman, Keegan, Zablocki and Sebetto in tow. Chaney would drive to the win over Sodeman, Gressman, Keegan and Zablocki.

In the night’s regular feature, Mintz and Mike Linder would bring the field to the green, with Mintz taking the lead over Linder, Brandon Martin, Stuart Brubaker, Chris Andrews, Sebetto, Chaney, Gressman and Cody Kinser. With three laps scored, Travis Philo would tumble on the front stretch to bring out the red.

On the restart Mintz would continue to lead with Linder hounding him while Martin and Brubaker in tow, as Sebetto would blast from seventh to fifth. Sebetto would take fourth on lap five, bringing Andrews to sixth. Mintz would catch the rear of the field with 12 laps in, allowing Linder to close to within two car lengths while Martin in third with Andrews taking fourth from Sebetto.

Broc Martin would stop in turn three on lap 14 to bring out the yellow with the running order Mintz, Linder, Martin, Sebetto, Andrews, Chaney, Brubaker, Gressman and Sodeman. On the restart, Sebetto would drive under Martin for third as Mintz still could not shake Linder. With 11 laps to go, Sebetto was no pressuring Linder for the runner-up spot and took it on lap 20.

Sebetto would quickly close on Mintz, and with seven laps to go the pair were side-by-side in turns one and two. They raced that way until lap 24 when Sebetto would execute a slide job in turns one and two take the lead. With five laps to go, the leaders were in heavy traffic, but Sebetto was just too strong as he picked them off and went on to the 21st win of his career at Fremont. Mintz, Linder, Martin and Chaney would round out the top five.

Sebetto is now tied with Bryan Scott for 24th on the track’s all-time win list.

Dustin Stroup and Dustin Dinan would pace the field for the 25-lap 305 sprint main. Stroup would take the lead over Dinan, Steve Rando, Alvin Roepke, Jimmy Colvin, Nate Dussel and Foos. After a lap was scored, Jamie Miller would spin in turn three. On the restart Stroup would rocket away from Dinan with Rando in third while Dussel drove into fourth.

The caution would fly for Matt Merrill on lap 7 with the running order Stroup, Dinan, Rando, Dussel and Roepke. Again, just as he was getting ready to get into lapped traffic, the caution would fly on lap 10 for another Miller spin. This time on the restart, Stroup would lead Dinan, Rando, Dussel, Roepke and a charger Foos, who had started eighth.

While Stroup continued to lead with Dinan battling Rando for second, all eyes were on last-place-starter Paige Polyak who had charged into the seventh spot by lap 13. Josh Harrison would spin in turn four on lap 16 to bunch up the field again.

Stroup would continue to lead on the restart, but Dinan stayed close while Rando was trying to fend off Foos. With five laps to go, Foos would take the third position and would drive by Dinan for second on lap 22. With three laps to go, Foos was quickly closing in on Stroup. After completing the 23rd circuit, Foos would duck under Stroup in turns one and two to take the lead.

Foos would go on to claim the win over Stroup, Rando, Dinan and Dussel.

In the 20 lap dirt truck feature, Art Howey Jr. and John Ivy would pace the field, with Ivy grabbing the lead while fourth place starter Roepke would move into second bringing Kent Brewer into third. After a lap, the caution would fly for a tangle involving Jeff Ward and Brad Mitten.

On the restart Ivy would continue to lead Roepke, Brewer, Howey, Dustin Keegan and Cory Ward. On lap four the caution would fly for debris, and Ivy would go pit side with mechanical issues.

No Roepke was in the lead over Brewer, Ward, Howey and Willie Keegan. A caution would fly a lap later for Dustin Keegan who stopped on the front stretch. On the restart Roepke had no problem pulling away as Brewer had his hands full with Cory Ward. Roepke would encounter lapped traffic with eight laps to go with Brewer, Ward, Willie Keegan, Art Ball and Brian Sorg in tow.

Been Good would take a tumble in turns one and two with six laps to go. On the restart Roepke was able to pull away and would go on to the win over Ward, Brewer, Willie Keegan and Ball.

In the 12-lap sports compacts main, Tyler Sherman and Erik Paulson would bring the field to the green, with Sherman grabbing the lead while fifth starter Brandon Myers vaulted into second. Chevy Farmer would drive into third on lap three, with Steve Pocock grabbing that spot a lap later. With just a handful of laps remaining, smoke began to billow from Sherman’s mount as Meyers closed.

Sherman would nurse his “Redneck Ride” home for the win over Meyers, Pocock, Paulson and Derek Genzman.