Schultz Is The Man At Wilmot


WILMOT, Wis. – The sophomore slump has been something talked about in sports, but under its definition surely is an image of Jeremy “Sherm” Schultz.

Schultz had a stunning rookie season a year ago, taking a pair of A-main event wins. With skill and good fortune he managed runner-up honors to Bill Balog in the season standings, handedly earning the Bumper to Bumper IRA Outlaw Sprint series Rookie of the Year honors. It was the best showing by a rookie in the modern history of the series.

The 2014 season had proven to be an entirely different animal for Schultz. Call it a sophomore slump. His second season on the tour was filled with mechanical ills, and plenty of bumps along the way that has resulted in the resilient team taking a brief break to regroup.

Consider the regrouping process complete.

Exactly one year after his first career series victory, Shultz again was able to climb the wing of his 5j machine, and salute his loyal fans known as the Sherm nation with a checkered flag in hand. He now has back to back victories in the storied Kenosha County Fair contests.

To take the win tonight it took a bit of good fortune, as Schultz had been chasing six-time champion Bill Balog, when Balog had fortune turn on him. On lap 17 of the 25 lap contest, he clipped a tire. The incident also collected the most recent series winner Scotty Thiel, who was victor in the most recent series race held at Beaver Dam two weeks ago.

Schultz found himself in the lead, which he held the remaining 8 laps, scoring his third career A-main victory.

“I’m so happy for those guys, we had such a terrible year,” he said. “We were wrecking racecars left, and right. This car had been fixed twice already. I thank them for sticking behind me.”

On the restart outside front row starter Scott Uttech, powered past Spitz into the lead. Balog, who had started in the third position, wasted little time working his way to the top spot powering past Uttech on lap two.