Roundtree Finds Plymouth Glory


PLYMOUTH, Ind. – It was a rather hot day and the racing was even hotter at Plymouth Speedway Saturday night.

Brandon Roundtree found the top spot on the podium for the third time this season after a heated 20-lap feature. Roundtree and Roger Duszynski found a good battle the last two laps, but Roundtree was able to hold onto first place and finished there. Randy Akers finished in the third position.

“I think I’ve got this place figured out,” said Brandon Roundtree. “This is number three.”

David Short had a scary moment after he spun out of turns one and two and was hit by another driver which caused a red flag situation on lap 10. Emergency personnel tended to Short and he climbed safely from his car. He was holding his right arm as he walked around the car.

It was the first feature win for Steven Pena who started from the pole position in the UMP Modifieds race. Points leader, Frank Marshall, fought for position with Pena for the majority of the 20-lap feature but couldn’t make the outside groove work to his advantage. Even with five restarts after as many cautions, Pena was strong enough to hold off Marshall.

“It’s about time,” exclaimed Pena on his feature win. “I knew Marshall was going to run on the outside and I just kept to my line on the inside and it worked.”

Frank Marshall was runner-up while Kyle Yocum was the third place finisher.

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