Rice Lake Speedway Season On Hold


RICE LAKE, Wis. – Just like with most of the world right now, the racing season at Rice Lake Speedway is in a state of flux.

Scheduled to open for the 68th consecutive year on April 18, that event will not take place based on the country’s current situation. In fact right now, it is likely that all racing in the month of April will be lost unless there is a dramatic positive change in the coming days.

“Right now we are taking things on a week by week basis,” said speedway co-owner Dave Adams. “The track will be ready and we will open as soon as we get the official word from state and federal authorities that we can gather as a group.”

At this time, May 2 is being projected as the hoped for opener for the track but that date may have to be changed also. Racers and fans should continue to monitor media outlets for updates and announcements as the month of April progresses.

“Things could change quickly so everyone should be ready to go on short notice,” Adams stated.

“We also know that a lot of rescheduled events by other race tracks will add to the confusion this year when trying to finalize our schedule. We will do everything in our power to reschedule any lost races while at the same time trying to minimize conflicts with other race tracks,” Adams said.

Ironically, the Spring of 2020 to this point is proving to be a most favorable one for early season racing as the snow and frost have mostly left already and racers have worked hard over the Winter to get their machines ready for early season action, likely now not to take place.