Prunty Can’t Catch Apel At Slinger


SLINGER, Wis. — Defending Slinger Super Speedway super late model track champion Steve Apel netted his second feature victory of the season in the PMF Landscape Supply 60 Sunday night.

Apel took the lead from Mike Egan before the halfway mark and maintained his cushion out front throughout the event, even as Dennis Prunty appeared to close in on the lead.

“I saw him (Prunty) in the mirror and once out front I was just trying to pace myself and save the tires for the end of the race,” Apel said. “The car was on a rail tonight.”

Dale Prunty and Mike Egan battled door to door for the early lead in the 60-lap main event, while Rob Braun and Fred Winn did likewise for the third spot ahead of Ryan DeStefano, Tim Lampmann, and Apel. The race quickly fell under the caution flag on lap three when side contact down the front straightaway between Braun and Winn’s cars sent Winn sliding through the infield entering turn one.

Prunty and Egan renewed their lead battle as racing resumed while Travis Dassow and Apel used the outside groove to bypass DeStefano and Lampman and move into third and fourth place respectively. Egan took sole possession of the top spot a few laps later when Prunty’s car kicked loose off turn two, while Apel took advantage of the situation to charge into Egan fell back into a second place battle with Dale Prunty.

The jockeying up front allowed second from the outside. Egan’s car washed wide in between turns one and two a few circuits later, opening the door for Apel to storm into the lead as Travis Dassow, Austin Luedtke, and Dennis Prunty to close in on the lead pack as Apel began to stretch his lead. While Apel continued to show the way, Dennis Prunty was the driver on the move as over the next several laps, he dispatched Luedtke, Egan, and Dassow to advance into second place.

Apel was up to the task however, as each time it appeared Dennis Prunty would close, Apel was able to maintain his lead of just over a second. Apel could not be caught without the aid of a caution flag as the race remained under the green flag the rest of the way with the defending track champion picking up his second super late model feature win of the season.

Dennis Prunty settled for second place ahead of his brother Dale Prunty in third. Travis Dassow and Lowell Bennett rounded out the top five finishers. Conrad Morgan staged a spirited battle with Austin Luedtke to finish sixth while Luedtke was seventh ahead of Ryan DeStefano, Tim Lampman, and Mike Egan who rounded out the top 10 finishers.

Other feature winners Sunday at Slinger included Danny Church (late models), Mark Deporter (area sportsman), Jacob Schraufnagel (Slinger Bees), Ron Schmitt (Figure 8) and Luke Fenhaus (bandoleros).