Morgan Wires Slinger Competition


SLINGER, Wis. — Conrad Morgan led flag to flag to capture his third feature victory of the season in the 60-lap super late model main event Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

“We’re not done yet,” the 66-year old Hall of Famer told the crowd from victory lane after holding off defending track champion Steve Apel for the win.

Tim Lampman and Morgan led the field to the green flag and Morgan quickly established himself as the leader from the outside groove, bringing Apel along with him and into second. A touch to the left corner of Apel’s car from the right front fender of Lampman’s machine caused Apel’s car to twitch, momentarily bottling up the field as Lampman moved into second while Morgan extended his lead.

Apel immediately regained control and held onto third ahead of Lowell Bennett, John DeAngelis, and Rob Braun. As Morgan continued to lead, Apel regrouped and passed Lampman for second a few laps later, opening up the inside lane for Bennett, Braun, and Dennis Prunty to all move around Lampman for position. The top five ran in nose to tail formation as Apel and the others tried to close the distance between themselves and Morgan who continued to lead.

With the laps clicking off and Morgan working lapped traffic, Apel was able to gradually erase the deficit and began to close in. Bennett maintained third place while the best battle on the speedway was occurring over fourth place between Braun and Prunty. The two battled intensely off turn four and then carried the fight into turn one where both cars washed high on the racetrack, allowing Dale Prunty to charge by them.

In the final laps, while Apel was able to close on Morgan, he could not make a significant challenge for the lead as Morgan drove to his third feature victory of the season. Apel finished a strong second while Lowell Bennett was third followed by Dale Prunty and Braison Bennett in fourth and fifth respectively.

Other race winners Sunday at Slinger included Kyle Chwala (area sportsman), Scott Goetzke (figure 8s), Danny Church (late models), Ryan Gutknecht (Midwest sportsman) and Brandon Tackes (Slinger Bees).