Moody Pockets $3,000 At Central Missouri


WARRENSBURG, Mo. – Jim Moody rolled to victory in the 40-lap USRA Modified feature at Central Missouri Speedway Monday night, pocketing $3,000 for his efforts.

The previous night a full crowd witnessed Moody of Odessa claim the pole for the finale of the 40-lap main event for the USRA ‘Mighty’ Modifieds. A total of 27 cars competed throughout the weekend for the win. Two drivers, Terry Schultz and Trevor Hunt forfeited their top 12 starting positions Sunday night and tried to requalify their way into the main event on Monday.

Modifieds competed in a pair of heat races to sort out the night two 20-lap scramble event to position the cars for the outside row of the 40-lap main event. Terry Schultz, Darron Fuqua, and Josh Everhart crossed the line as the front three cars in the first heat race while Matt Dotson, Curt Rackers, and Isaac Dotson finished in the top three for the second heat race.

For the scramble event, a redraw determined the starting lineup for the field. Early on, Matt Dotson and Fuqua ran strong with Trevor Hunt, Isaac Dotson and Terry Schultz running inside the top five. On lap three Walker experienced trouble as the caution flag flew. The race order was Fuqua, Matt Dotson and Hunt inside the top three. Walker’s woes continued as he experienced another spin in the event. Fuqua and Dotson continued to run strong right through the checkers as Matt Dotson claimed the win and the outside row starting position. Fuqua was second, Hunt third, Isaac Dotson fourth and Schultz fifth.

Moody and Matt Dotson started up front for the feature, Jon Sheets and Fuqua in row two and Jason Thompson and Hunt in row three as the front six starters.

Moody quickly shot out to an early race lead. Isaac Dotson spun in turn four to draw the first caution of the event. Moody led Matt Dotson, Fuqua and Thompson on the ensuing restart. A couple laps later Walker and Nick Pence got together off of turn four as Tyler Shaw’s night ended early with a flat on lap three. For the next restart, Moody, Fuqua, and Dotson were top three.

By lap 10, Moody then led Dotson and Thompson as Hunt climbed to fourth with Fuqua slipping to fifth with Zach Sanders in sixth. Moody experienced his first lapped cars by lap 13 as Sheets’ night came to an end with mechanical woes. Halfway through the race Moody still led Dotson, Thompson, Hunt, Fuqua and Sanders. Pence’s night ended on lap 20 as he pulled to the infield. The next restart saw no change inside the top five but the racing was just as furious throughout the field with drivers trying to advance.

Brian Troxel drew a caution at lap 22 in turns three and four. Moody continued to lead Dotson while Fuqua rebounded to third, with Hunt Thompson and Sanders in tow. Sanders and Wille experienced a run-in with both cars going to the tail for a late race restart just shy of lap 30.

Moody continued his dominance as he consistently pulled away from the remaining competitors on every restart. With 10 laps remaining Moody led Dotson, Thompson and a hard-charging Tyler Schmidt, who started 15th in the event and had advanced into the top five.

In the end, Moody claimed the $3,000 paycheck. Matt Dotson finished second, Thompson was third, Schmidt had an impressive drive to fourth, Aaron Marrant was fifth.

Other feature winners included Jon Binning (ULMA late models), Brett Wood (street stocks) and James McMillin (B modifieds).