Moody Leads Central Missouri Winners


WARRENSBURG, Mo. – A warm but pleasant night for race fans and drivers was the recipe for success at Central Missouri Speedway on KDKD 95.3 Radio race night.

Jim Moody motored back to the front to win his fourth feature in the USRA Modified class, Jacob Ebert grabbed his second B-Modified feature win this season, Brett Wood claimed his seventh feature win in the Street Stocks and Gary Akers drove to his second win in the Pure Stocks as Kory Schudy received the double checkers in the All-Star Midget feature.

The Pure Stock feature event started with Gary Akers driving down low in turn one as the early leader with Lee Scott getting loose and almost spinning out but hanging on to continue the event. Don Johnson moved into the second spot and appeared to gain ground on Akers especially after a lap four caution for Scott when his car slowed to a stop on turn two. In the end, Akers captured the Pure Stock main event followed by Johnson, then point leader Leroy Morrison Jr. and Lee Scott in fourth.

Last weekend Scotty Martin claimed the B modified victory as fans wondered if they would see a new race winner this weekend. During the three qualifying heat races, Warrensburg driver and point leader, Dean Wille took the initial heat race with Jacob Ebert out of Oak Grove moving up for the win in the second heat. Then, Ben Stockton from Kansas City claimed his first heat race victory in heat three.

The feature began as Ebert turned hard into turn one until the yellow flag flew for Dean Truelove who hit the tire down low in the turn for the first caution flag. The complete restart didn’t seem to faze Ebert as he once again charged to the front with Wille stalking him while working hard to find a line around him.

Chad Staus then charged into third around Stockton and started to make some noise behind Wille. A lap four caution for Darren Phillips and later one for Jordan Clemons and Jeff Douty, in turn two briefly slowed the feature. Ebert stayed on the low side for most of the night and hung on to take his second feature of the season ahead of hard a hard charging Wille. Staus looked strong in third. Eddie Bray ended up fourth after starting inside row five in the ninth position while Johnny McGinnis moved into fifth.

The All-Star Midget Series returned to the Burg for their second visit of the season. The opening midget heat race had Kory Schudy from Republic in a close battle with Rick Murko for the win and Tyler Nelson out of Olathe in the final midget heat race setting the starting line-up for the feature.

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