Midwest Indoor Series Cancels Finale


TROY, Mich. – Five races into the 2013/2014 winter racing season for the Midwest Indoor Racing Series (MIRS), the series management group has decided to forgo the final scheduled race that was set for Saturday, April 5 at The Summit Sports & Ice Complex, located in Dimondale, Mich.

“This is the most difficult, yet thought-out decision I have had to make. I cannot justify the series conducting a race if we are unable to guarantee we will be able to pay the competitors in full,” said Motor City Race Promotions (MCRP) President Scott Menlen. “The series has been struggling financially throughout the 2013/2014 winter racing season and the dissolution of MGM Motorsports, just prior to the Jan. 11 event, amplified the situation. As a result of that, a new company, Motor City Racing Promotions (MCRP) was formed to continue through with the 2014 portion of the Midwest Indoor Racing Series winter racing schedule.”

MGM Motorsports was preparing to discontinue the series 10 days prior to the scheduled event on Jan. 11. To make matters worse, MGM Motorsports financial officers were not able to pay the purse from the previous race on Dec. 21, 2013.

“Upon the formation of MCRP, we were successful in paying the Dec. 21 purse and restructuring the agreements with the arenas for the next two events on Jan. 11 and Feb. 1. Unfortunately, we were not successful in securing a March event due to scheduling conflicts with the interested venues,” Menlen said.

“Immediately following the disappointing news of not racing in March, we turned our focus towards the April 5th event at the Summit Sports & Ice Complex.” Menlen said. “MGM Motorsports had an existing agreement with the arena that was completed back in 2013. However, the agreement MGM Motorsports had signed would not be mutually beneficial for both the arena and the Midwest Indoor Racing Series. We spent a lot of time an efforts into negotiating and searching for alternative ways to make this event beneficial for all involved parties.

“Unfortunately, MCRP and the arena could not come to terms on a new agreement. If MCRP were to agree to the presented terms of the agreement, we wouldn’t be able to insure the full purse would be made available to the racers.” Menlen said. “It’s unjust as it is that not all of the competitors from the last event have been paid yet, plus MCRP will not host an event if the competitors have to question whether or not they will be treated fairly and hosting an event under the current conditions on April 5 would put that into question. I would like to sincerely apologize to both our loyal fans and competitors who have been anticipating this event. In the best interest of the series as a whole, we have to take a step back, regroup and restructure the entire organization in order to come back strong for the 2014/2015 winter racing season. We’re already working on dates and those will be announced soon.” He ended.