McGuire Flies To 13th Skyline Triumph


STEWART, Ohio – Josh McGuire drove to his 13th Skyline Speedway win in the Kryptonite AMRA Late Models feature Friday night at Skyline Speedway.

Kenny Johnson chanted a similar victory tune in the Octane Race Products AMRA Modified A-Main, going three-for-three for his third consecutive Skyline win in 2013 and seventh of the season.

Tracy Fritter claimed the exciting Mod Lite portion of the program, and Zach Carr claimed his second Mini-Wedge main.

The 25-lap Late Model main pitted some of the best regional drivers against several nationally recognized names. McGuire and Rod Conley, defending ADRA champion, paced the field to Mike Haught’s green flag. In the wake were Freddie Carpenter, Fast timer Joe Ramey, Chris Garnes, Travis Brookover and Daniel Hill among others.

McGuire got a slight jump, but Conley rode the momentum off turn two to lead lap one. McGuire rode the inside rail to root Conley off the bottom and despite a constant effort, McGuire was as they say “off to the races.” In smooth, fast – actually “bad fast” – McGuire fashion, the veteran chauffeur waltzed through traffic past six cars to an insurmountable lead.

A good crowd wasn’t let-down, however, as action back through the pack was torrid on the smooth three-eighths-mile red clay oval. Carpenter chased down Conley; and as that battle occupied the duo, Travis Brookover began to sneak into the mix for a three-way slugfest. At one point Brookover actually took over third and was close to second only to have Carpenter sweep past both Brookover and Conley on the high side.

Brookover faded as Conley and Carpenter battled side-by-side for the middle 12 laps. A caution was whistled against K.C. Burdette for making contact with the spinning Joe Ramey. That yellow tightened the second place battle even more with Conley finally taking over the position after a wheel banging “that’s racing” tango in turn three.

Action persisted throughout the pack as McGuire blasted away from the rest of the field. Garnes began to run down Brookover. They continued to dual to the checkered where Garnes won that encounter by a nose.