Lasoski Hits No. 99 At Knoxville


KNOXVILLE, IOWA – Danny Lasoski is just one marker away from reaching the century mark at Knoxville Raceway. Saturday night he captured his 99th career feature event win at this historic race track during the 3M Night of racing.

His nephew Brian Brown won the feature for 360s and Larry Ball Jr. was the victor in the 305 division.

The 410 feature went red right away as pole sitter Tasker Phillips went up and over the right rear tire of Brandon Wimmer at the start as the front running cars went into turn two. He was not hurt but his car rode the wrecker’s hook to the pits.

On a complete restart Lasoski moved forward to fill the gap and claim the pole. He immediately shot to the front and uncharacteristically took to the cushion on the big half-mile oval. Wimmer chased him for three laps but dropped from the race after the third lap.

For the next four laps Don Droud Jr. took up the chase of the fleet Lasoski but was unable to keep pace with the front running car. Behind him Brian Brown was on the move and on lap eight he took the runner-up spot and began his pursuit to the “Dude from Dover”.

With the race reaching the half-way point of this 10-mile sprint, lap traffic would surely impede the point position car and give Brown a chance for the win. However, that was not to happen as Lasoski handled the slower cars as deftly as Brown did behind him. In fact, at the end of lap sixteen, Brown was just exiting turn four as Lasoski flew by the flagstand.

The final four laps saw the leader finally becoming slowed with cars ahead of him. That is when it looked as if Brown stood a chance to make a race of it. On lap 19 Lasoski jumped the cushion in turn two enabling Brown to move in close. Just after the white flag was displayed to the two frontrunners it was Brown’s turn to hit that same section of loose dirt above the cushion in turn two. However, he managed to free himself immediately from the “marbles” and shot down the back chute after the leader.