Koslakiewicz Seals Another Limaland Victory

Jeff Koslakiewicz battles Shawn Valenti during Friday's Budweiser Thunderstock feature at Limaland Motorsports Park. (Mike Campbell Photo)
Jeff Koslakiewicz battles Shawn Valenti during Friday’s Budweiser Thunderstock feature at Limaland Motorsports Park. (Mike Campbell Photo)

LIMA, Ohio – The 2013 Budweiser Thunderstocks division has been dominated by Jeff Koslakiewicz and Shawn Valenti, although Tony Anderson has held the point’s lead for most of the season.

Koslakiewicz and Valenti have won all but one of the season’s feature events, while Anderson is still looking for that elusive first triumph; despite being No. 2 all-time at Limaland Motorsports Park with 30 career wins at the track.

The evening’s features began with Anderson moving to the front of the field for the Thunderstocks 15-lap A-Main. The improving Tim Cole and Koslakiewicz produced a spirited battle for second with Anderson cruising along through the mid-point of the race.

At lap number nine, Koslakiewicz was on a serious roll at the top the track surface and made a strong pass around Anderson for the lead. With no traffic in front of him, Koslakiewicz proceeded to pull away from the rest of the field and roared to his fifth win of 2013 and 14th all-time.

“Momentum is awesome around here,” said the No. 16 car pilot. “I tried the bottom for awhile and just couldn’t get anything, so I went up top and once I got rolling it was great.”

Later in the night’s racing program, Koslakiewicz took another triumph as he bested Cole and a field of ten cars to win the first of the two Fricke Select Shootouts. Shawn Valenti won the second of the eight lap affairs and it set up a titanic showdown for the Fricke Memorial.

The two Thunderstock stars battled nose-to-tail from the start of the Fricke Select feature. It appeared as though Jeff Koz was going to make it two feature wins on the evening until a restart following a caution period on lap 13 set up one of the most exciting finishes in the 2013 season.

Koslakiewicz was leading with Valenti sticking to his rear bumper at the top of the track. As they rocketed around for the final lap, Valenti was able to gain some space to the outside of Koslakiewicz and propelled his car off of turn four to snatch a victory at the finish line. Koslakiewicz spun out at the line, yet still finished second.

“All I could do was stay with him and give myself a chance at the end,” said an excited Shawn Valenti. “I knew if I had some room to operate at the top I might slingshot off of four and get him at the end. This is one to remember.” Valenti became the sixth different winner in the twelve Thunderstock Select events to be contested since 2001.