It’s Apel Again In Slinger Shootout


SLINGER, Wis. — For the second consecutive week Steve Apel held off Dennis Prunty to win the super late model feature at Slinger Super Speedway, only this time he had to survive a green-white-checkered finish.

Rich Loch and Mike Egan paced the field to the green flag at the start of the feature and the two aggressively battled for the top spot as they rubbed fenders upon exiting turns two and four. One such rub off turn two on lap four knocked Loch’s car sideways for a moment, allowing Egan to race into the lead from the outside.

Brad Keith and Austin Luedtke both went around Loch also on the outside and into second and third by the time Loch gathered up his car in the fourth position. While the front four sorted themselves out in single file, the rest of the field, which included both Apel and Prunty remained side by side as they intensely raced for track position.

The intense racing in the pack produced the first caution flag on lap 12 when the traffic jam rippled through the field and kicked Jeff Holt’s car sideways off turn four where it was collected by the machine of Rob Braun. Egan chose the inside lane for the restart and began another intense battle up front with Keith while Luedtke, Nick Wagner, Loch, and James Swan followed in formation behind them. Keith eventually prevailed to grab the lead from Egan off the outside as Egan continued the pressure down low and once again the leaders made side contact as they raced off the corners.

The intense racing up front allowed Luedtke, Loch and now Apel, who had sliced his way into fifth, to close in on the lead duo setting up five car battle for the top spot. More contact led to Egan’s car getting out of shape off turn two which put him into a brief three wide situation with Luedtke and Loch and as Loch lifted briefly to avoid a collision, Apel snuck by on the inside to snag fourth.