Holzhausen Stars At Oktoberfest


WEST SALEM, Wis. — Speed was on display tonight for the third day of the 42nd Annual Livewire Energy Oktoberfest Race Weekend.

Skylar Holzhausen came from the middle of the field to take the Big 8 Series win. Dan Jung showcased his strong car in the OUTLAWZ feature and James Swan capped off his 2011 Mid-American Series season with a win and a championship.

Skylar Holzhausen put on a show as he went from his 16th starting position to victory lane in the Big 8 Series Oktoberfest 68-lap feature. Veteran driver Jon Lemke started on the pole and took the lead at the start of the feature event.

Holzhausen was on the move as soon as the green flag dropped in the caution-free race. By lap 24, he moved into the fifth position. Two laps later he got past Steve Rubeck for the fourth position.

Zack Riddle, who started ninth, was also moving through the field but his progress was slowed as Holzhausen bolted by him on lap 44 to take over the second position. With 20 laps to go, Lemke had about a 20-car length lead over Holzhausen. Lap after lap, Holzhausen would inch closer and closer to the leader.

Holzhausen would catch up to Lemke’s bumper with nine laps to go in the event. A lap later, Holzhausen would go on the inside of Lemke coming out of turn two to make the winning move. Holzhausen would lead the final eight laps and take the checkered flag.

Riddle would get by Lemke with six laps to go and finish second while Lemke finished third.

With his 13th-place finish, Steve Rubeck became the 2011 Big 8 Series Champion.

James Swan came from his eleventh starting place to win the Mid-American Series 40-lap feature event. Earlier in the night, Swan locked up the 2011 championship. Swan got by Jeremy Spoonmore with nine laps to go and drove away for the win. Spoonmore would hold on to second while Danny Gilster edged out Kyle Bauknecht for third. A full report can be found on www.midamericanracing.com.

Dan Jung took the Volden Construction Ultimate Challenge where he started in the front of the field on the tail end of the lead lap. If he comes around and passes the entire field he will win a $100 bonus. By lap 3, he was already a half lap behind the field. The caution would fly when Jerry Aylsworth went around in turn three. Jung was in the middle of the pack when the green flag flew on lap five. Jung was up to fourth by lap seven. A lap later, he was in second chasing down John Olson. With ten laps to go, Jung was on his bumper and a lap later, he was in the lead. Jung would get trapped by a spinning Aylsworth and Olson would sneak by to take back the lead. On the restart, Jung would go on the inside of Olson and take back the top spot with one lap to go. Jung would get the win and the bonus with Olson in second.

John Olson is the 2011 La Crosse Speedway Volden Construction Outlawz Champion.