Figure 8 Night At Toledo Speedway


TOLEDO, Ohio – Toledo Speedway played host to a special Thursday night show, featuring all activities on the Figure 8 track.

Greg Studt kicked off the night by winning the 20 lap ARCA Parts Galore Figure 8 feature race. He led every lap, but traffic erased his lead in the final seven laps, allowing Jeremy Vanderhoof, Robbie Loving and Dennis Whisman to close in. Studt held on as he dodged intersection traffic to score the win. The trio of Vanderhoof, Loving and Whisman finished in that order, with Jerry Lee notching fifth spot.

Dan Apperson, Randy Roberts, Race Loving, Ian Jezylo, Chris Cox and Archie Padgett were next in line at the finish. Stephanie Bradley snapped the steering in her machine, ending her night in the heat race event. Lee and Loving took the heat race wins.

Make it two in a row for the dynamic duo of Kenny McKay Jr. and Jim Brazeau as they sliced and diced their way to victory in the 12 lap Figure 8 Train Race. Much to the delight of the great crowd on hand, Brazeau had the tow car up on two wheels on the final lap as they sailed to the win. The Train race has 2 cars chained together; front car with the engine, back car with the brakes.

The winners also took the race at Flat Rock July 20. Howard Kelley Jr./Tom O’Leary III, Tom O’Leary Jr./Charlie Williams, Kevin Stepinski/Eric Heuschele and Tommy O’Leary/James McClure followed in that order at the checkered flag.

The first-ever flag pole race at Toledo was also very entertaining as Robbie Loving powered his way to the win over John Radideau, Archie Padgett, Jezylo, Race Loving, Bill Carberry, Mike Mayhem Miller, Randy Padgett, Apperson and Jeff King. The cars had to make a lap on the oval but had to make a loop around a tire located in both the front stretch and backstretch to complete 1 circuit.

Another first occurred at the track as a Figure 8 Trailer race hit the speedway. Jeff King slammed his way to the win, but the hero of the night was Archie Padgett, towing a 16 foot camping trailer. After being hit by Trina Apperson, Padgett took off and made a lap or two until the entire body of the trailer came off the frame, flipped over and landed upside down as the crowd roared its approval. King was trailed by Randy Padgett, Trina Apperson and Archie Padgett.

The finale of the night was the Boat Figure 8 race and King again crowned the 6 boat field by sailing to the checkered flag. John Rabideau got his trailer and boat, still attached, on its side for over 5 laps, only to have the boat turn back over in the upright position as he entered the turns of the Figure 8 track. King floated away to the win over Rabideau, Archie Padgett, Carberry, Randy Padgett and Randy Roberts.