Duffy Triumphs At 141 Speedway


FRANCIS CREEK, Wisc. – Darin Duffy solidified his rankings in the Red, White, and Blue Series with his IMCA Modified feature win at 141 Speedway on Saturday night.

Cody Schroeder earned his first career IMCA Sportmod feature win in the 20 lap main event. Other feature winners included Larry Karcz Jr. (IMCA Stock Cars) Kevin Naidl (Grand Nationals) Paul Diefenthaler (Street Stocks) and Mathias Prouty (4 Cylinders.)

The IMCA Modified Feature kicked off with an unfortunate bang as a melee broke out in front of the field causing a red flag. Thirteen cars were involved in the incident. Point leader Benji LaCrosse was not able to continue among others. When the race restarted Eric Mahlik found his way in front of the field with Darin Duffy behind.

Sean Jerovetz ran to the front after a three-wide pass for the lead including Mahlik and Duffy. Shawn Kilgore made his way to second five lap into the event with Duffy fading back to fourth. A caution on lap twelve arrived as the front four were battling for the lead. On the restart, Duffy charged from fourth to second and moved outside of Jerovetz for the lead. Jerovetz stayed strong down low but could not fend off Duffy.

Duffy took charge with three laps remaining and pulled away for the $1000 pay day. Even more importantly he took the point lead in the Red, White and Blue Series. Kilgore ran to a late race second. Johnny Whitman was involved in the opening lap fiasco and came from the back to third. Jerovetz faded to fourth on the last lap with Mahlik fifth.

A classic race was put on by two of the veterans in the IMCA Stockcar Feature event. Larry Karcz Jr and Rod Snellenberger provided everyone with a clean, side by side race throughout lapped traffic that saw multiple lead changes. Todd Augustian rode the high-line to the front of the field but Larry Karcz Jr was able to move ahead on lap four.

Point leader Rod Snellenberger forged ahead and into second on lap five. The next sixteen laps saw many lead changes by the duo. They entered lapped traffic with five laps remaining. Karcz was to loose to run the bottom but just fast enough on top. Snellenberger used a lapped car up top to grab the lead with Karcz just sneaking passed up top. The tables turned and Karcz was able to take the lead on the final exchange of lapped traffic.

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