Chris Dick Pockets $2,000 Macon Payday


MACON, Ill. – Chris Dick earned a $2,000 payday for winning the Kerbystrong 100 for the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Models Saturday at Macon Speedway.

The bottom brought Dick’s car to life and he sped past Jose Parga in the closing laps to take the lead away. Parga staged a rally and returned the favor to regain the lead.

With the white flag waving, Dick stayed true to the bottom and a lapped car slowed Parga to the point that Dick pulled out ahead and ran away with the finish and the victory.

Thanks to donations, the Decatur Building Trades Pro Late Model feature paid $2,000 to the winner.

Money kept growing in the pool for the Modifieds division through the announcement of the event all the way up to qualifying time as it was announced that $2,150 would be the winner’s portion of the purse in the division.

That was good news to Mike Harrison. The multi-time Summer Nationals champion make the trip from Highland to claim the check after taking control of the race two laps into the 20-lap feature.

Starting in the second row behind polesitter Cory Daugherty, Harrison gunned it out of the second turn on a lap one restart and never looked back. Daugherty finished just ahead of Rodney Standerfer in the race for second place.

Another big money race was in the Archer’s Alley Street Stocks where $850 would be up for grabs in a Midwest Big Ten Series race that would be won by Terry Reed.

The Neal Tire & Auto Pro Modifieds feature saw many accidents claim cars and angered racers, who would have to exit the track with damaged or mangled machines. Tim Hancock Sr., who was involved in a wreck or two during the 15 laps, crossed the finish line first, but Rob Timmons was right there behind him for the final five laps.

Lapped traffic helped Adam Webb grab hold of the checkered flag in the Hornets as he beat out Erik Vanapeldoorn for the feature win.

Trevin Littleton jumped out to a big lead in the Micro Sprint feature and won with ease.

Brandon Diulio was crowned the winner of a special eight-lap race where every lap needed to involve contact with another car. He also took the win during the intermission exhibition where the drivers needed to race around the track and do an extra spin around the tractor tire on the backstretch, which had a flagpole inside of it.