Chaney Beats The Rain At Fremont

Rob Chaney won Saturday's 410 sprint-car feature at Ohio's Fremont Speedway. (Fremont Speedway Photo)
Rob Chaney won Saturday's 410 sprint-car feature at Ohio's Fremont Speedway. (Fremont Speedway Photo)
Rob Chaney won Saturday’s 410 sprint-car feature at Ohio’s Fremont Speedway. (Fremont Speedway Photo)

FREMONT, Ohio – Rob Chaney survived a wild 410 sprint feature Saturday at Fremont Speedway to lead all 30 laps for his first win of the season on Ohio Logistics Night.

The racing got underway late due to a steady rain all morning at Fremont. Track crews worked hard to get the surface in shape and it produced a lot of wheel hiking excitement.

Chaney, from Millersburg, Ohio, who started the night setting fast time in qualifying, survived several cautions and red flag restarts and a near disaster when he caught a rut late in the race to score his 10th career win at Fremont Speedway in the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprints.

“They were timing me up and you really couldn’t start early on the bottom or you’d push out in the moisture. I should have moved back to the top before I did. We had that red and they told me ‘hey, they’re timing you up so you need to move’ so I moved and you know a track like this I felt the top was the best way as long as you don’t make a mistake but that was easier said then done. You could get tripped up really easy. For what we all thought it was going to be to start with it turned out to be a good race. There were guys charging from the back. I saw Chris Bell was up there (from 11th)…and I knew I had to get after it with him and Andrews (Chris) and Kemenah (Chad),” said Chaney.

“We were able to hang on. It feels good to win. You don’t know how many more races you get to win when you get to be the age I am now and the point I am know. It’s special to win here and I’m proud of Stan and all the guys that have helped. I have raced for him most of my career and I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for me.”

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