Big Winners In Eagle Valley Doubleheader


JIM FALLS, Wis. — It was Father’s Day and the Eagle Valley Speedway presented the makeup features from Coca Cola Night a week prior and a complete show with a Midwest Modified special sponsored by Southworth Chevrolet and Tim’s Automotive and Machine.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds, and EVS Hornets were all in attendance.  Make up feature winners included Justin A-Strike, Curt Myers, Shane Halopka, CJ Wagner, Nick Carvelli, and Jake Halterman.  Regular night features were won by Sam Fankhauser, Jeff Brauer, Calvin Iverson, Danny Richards, Michael Huebner Sr. and Halterman again.

June 09 saw Mike Anderson and Jake Hartung win heats but the feature was delayed until June 16, 2019. Justin A-Strike used a late lap slide job to overtake race long leader, Steve Hallquist and drive on to the win.  Michael Truscott also made a move into the runner up position in the waning laps. Hallquist finished third ahead of Mike Anderson and fifth finishing Sam Fankhauser.

The regular night racing action had two heats with A-Strike and Grant Southworth each earning wins.  Sam Fankhauser was no stranger to victory lane in his Street Stock days, including having won the most prestigious race in that class, the Little Dream.  His first Modified feature win was being elusive however, until tonight.  He parked it in victory lane after starting on the pin and leading 20 flawless laps of continuous green flag racing.  He pulled away for second finishing Jake Miller who had a fine run also. Truscott was able to move from seventh to fourth ahead of Hallquist and A-Strike, who rounded out the top five.

The week prior, Terran Spacek and Curt Myers won their Super Stock heats as Myers went on to sweep the action in the feature which was made up this week.  Jeff Brauer worked his way to the lead and looked strong, but a caution flag allowed eight starting Myers an opportunity.  Myers pulled a slide job on the restart and moved to the point, but Brauer responded with a slider of his own on the other end of the speedway.  Myers withstood Brauer counter attack and drove on to the victory.  Brauer settled for second over Tommy Richards, Rich Bishop who looked very good leading early, and Terran Spacek.

Rich Bishop continued a strong night as he won the regular events heat one and Tommy Richards won the second.  At feature time, Brauer patiently moved himself into the lead and although he had to endure two separate green, white, checkered restarts, he drove impressively to the win.  Tommy Richards battled with Curt Myers throughout the race as they moved through the pack, but Richards extended his advantage in the second position late. Myers was third ahead of Terran Spacek and fifth finishing Bishop. Marcus Simonson had a great run in the top three until a late caution relegated him to the rear.  He used a two-lap scramble to finish near the top five in the end.

June 09, 2019, saw Calvin Iverson and Tommy Richards win heats in the Midwest Modifieds and the makeup feature was run tonight.  It is not very often you see a driver steal a win, but it occurred in this event.

Micheal Truscott was cruising to the win after leading every lap from the outside front row.  In the final circuit of the race, a driver was running just in front of the leaders.  They had issues on the backstretch, tried to work their way to the infield, and made the decision late to leave the raceway using the track exit.

Truscott got trapped behind him when he committed to go around the outside of the lapper.  Halopka, who had worked his way from seventh into second and was chasing the leader dove under the two, grabbed the lead, and drove the remaining distance to the checkered flag. Truscott was disappointed in second over Iverson, Richards, and Derek Haas.

With big money on the line for the regular night’s Midwest Modified special event, Shane Halopka, Shadow Kitchner, and Calvin Iverson each won their respective heats.  Kitchner led the feature from the pole and looked strong, but Iverson moved up from starting fourth and overtook the lead down low.  Iverson continued to lead impressively with side by side racing behind him the entire distance.  In the end, Iverson took home the paycheck as Kitchner settled for second over Alex Williamson, Tommy Richards, and fifth finishing George Dalbeck.

Danny Richards and CJ Wagner won the Street Stock heats on June 09, 2019.  The makeup feature saw Wagner work his way from fifth on the field to his third feature win of the season. Fellow heat winner, Danny Richards drove from eight to the runner up position. Mike Knudtson finished ahead of Braden Brauer and fifth finishing Bob Seidler.

The June 16, 2019, Street Stock action saw Danny Richards and Parker Anderson carry the checkered flag after their heats.  It was Parker Anderson looking strong up front of the feature until Richards was able to work his way from starting eighth to take the lead away late.  Coming to the checkered flag off turn four, the leader was spun and collected Braden Brauer.  The caution flag flew, second running Mike Knudtson was called for the foul, and the race was finished under yellow and scored officially at the white flag.  It was Richards over Anderson, Brauer, and Dalton Hazelton in fourth, who was also involved in the mix throughout the event.  Ron Hanestad raced from twelfth at the start to fifth at the checkered flag.

When the king of the Pure Stocks at Eagle Valley, King George the Fifth (r) is spending the evening with his children away from the track on Father’s Day, all the other Pure Stock racers in the pits salivate.  Someone else was going to win!  Richards had won the heat a week earlier but James Rahn moved from the outside of the first row to take the lead over a hard chasing Nick Carvelli.  Rahn was strong in the lead, but a flat tire caused him to spin in turn four and Carvelli overtook the point after the caution was cleared.  Carvelli drove flawlessly to the checked flag in an impressive run.  Nicholas Hazelton chased him but had to settle for runner up.  Devin Fries, Cole Richards, and Michael Huebner Sr. rounded out the top five.

Regular night racing saw Pat Smith and Dean Pronschinske win heats as Michal Grover lead the feature early and often.  Nicholas Hazelton chased Grover and applied constant pressure.  As Hazelton was able to get under the leader, there was contact upsetting both cars.  Third running Michael Huebner Sr was able to capitalize, and shot past both for the lead.  Huebner looked terrific out front as Hazelton cut down a tire and retired from the event.  Grover tried hard but had to follow Huebner to the finish line as Pronschinske raced to third over Devin Fries and Smith in fifth.

Jake Halterman won the Hornet heat on June 09 and waited a week to sweep the event at feature time.  Although Halterman and Jason Junker raced side by side and swapped the lead back and forth for lap after lap, Halterman was first at the checkered flag.  Junker finished second, but didn’t clear tech and was disqualified.  Dean Butler was scored in second over Craig Oas and Danny Halterman.

There were two regular night heats with Seth Scholl winning one and Jake Halterman earning the second.  It was Halterman once again in the feature.  Although Armond Love was able to challenge for the point on starts and restarts, Halterman had the field covered once they were up to speed.  Love drove home in second as Scholl and Jeremiah Anderson followed him to the finish line.  Dean Butler took fifth over Justin Anderson, making the pass coming off turn four, heading to the checkers.