Wampler Locks Up Susquehanna Crown


NEWBERRYTOWN, Pa. – Billy Wampler took the victory in the Late Model 25-lapper at the Susquehanna Speedway Park on Saturday night.

Wampler also claimed his first SSP track championship by two points over Justin Ehrhart.

Mike Walls won his fourth Street Stock feature event of the year as Randy Zechman claimed his second consecutive SSP track championship in the division. Cameron Benyou won his first Xtreme Stock Car feature of the season as Donnie Broderick claimed the XSC Track Championship. Logan Wagner claimed both the feature and the track championship in the PA Sprint Series 20 lapper.

Ricky Weaver took the Road Warrior win as Daryl Sipe took the Road Warrior Track Championship. Zakari Kitner took the Mini Van feature event victory and split the track championship with Donny Groff.

In Late Model action, Justin Ehrhart led Billy Wampler by a mere seven points heading into the final point race of the season. Ehrhart and Wampler started side-by side in the third row. To take the championship, Wampler had to finish three positions ahead of Ehrhart. On the start of the 25-lapper, Dan Zechman took the lead over Steve Billet and Matt Murphy. By lap 6, Wampler moved into the third place spot with Ehrhart in sixth.

On lap 10, Wampler moved into the runner-up spot and set his sights on the leader. On lap 14, Wampler scooted into the lead past Zechman with Ehrhart in fifth. As Wampler closed in on his first feature win of the season, Ehrhart remained in fifth with two to go. Ehrhart moved into fourth with one to go getting by Steve Billet.

At the finish, Wampler took the checkers over Chase Billet. Ehrhart came up a car length short of passing Zechman for the third place finish. Ehrhart settled for fourth, securing the track championship for Wampler. Steve Billet ran strong in fifth. Wampler also won the JR’s Paving hard charger award moving from a sixth place starting to win the race, advancing five positions. Heat race wins went to Chase Billet and Tommy Slanker.

The 20-lap Street Stock feature saw Mike Kiehl take the early lead from the pole position. On lap 10, Mike Walls moved from a seventh place starting spot to take the top spot from Kiehl. Walls went on to set the pace and claim the victory over a hard charging Doug Bennett. Bennett drove from a 17th place starting spot to take the runner-up spot at the end behind Walls. A strong run from Mike Kiehl gave him a podium finish in third. Chris Der and Randy Zechman rounded out the top five. Scott Thunberg and Jasen Geesaman were the heat race winners.

In the 20-lap PA Sprint Series feature race, Eric Parker took the lead at the start and set the pace. Trailed closely by Logan Wagner, he put heavy pressure on the leader as they entered lapped traffic midway through the race. With five to go, Parker put a couple of lapped cars between him and Wagner.

On the next circuit, Parker spun as he was trying to pass two lapped cars, giving the lead to Wagner. On the restart, Wagner never looked back and went on to win his fourth of the season. “Rim-riding” George Riden came across the line in second, followed by Kody Lehman. Roger Irvine and Colby Dice finished fourth and fifth respectively. Donnie Hendershot, Phil Meisner and Rider were the heat race victors. Brock Bilger took the consolation race checkers.

In the 20-lap Xtreme Stock Car, Chad Stine took the lead on the initial start. Cameron Benyou took over the top spot on lap 7. Johnny Palm challenged for the lead at the end but came up short as Benyou took the checkers. Travis Horan finished in third. Donnie Broderick and Chad Stine finished fourth and fifth places respectively. Craig Dodson was the Madison House Recovery Home Hard Charger by picking up three spots from his 14th place starting spot. Palm and Rich Lomman won their heat races earlier in the night.

Road Warrior action saw Daryl Sipe taking the lead on the start and Ricky Weaver taking the top spot away on lap 2. Weaver went on to take the victory. Sipe claimed his second SSP Road Warrior track championship by finishing second. Curt McDade was close behind in third, followed by Eric Boozel and Robert Wellman rounding out the top five. Sipe, Weaver and Coty Marsh were the heat race winners.

The 10-lap Mini Van feature event saw Zakari KItner leading from start-to-finish to take victory over Donnie Groff. Jeremy Haines finished third followed by John Kitner in fourth. Logan Greer finished in fifth. Kitner and Groff were declared co-champions in the Mini Van track championship after all tiebreakers were exhausted. Groff won the heat race.