Wagner Bests All-Star Cast At Port Royal


PORT ROYAL, Pa. – For the second week in a row on Saturday night the Port Royal Speedway produced a thrilling 410 sprint car feature with the likes of Blane Heimbach, Logan Wagner, Greg Hodnett and Mike Wagner taking shots at the lead and point leader Mike Wagner sealing the victory to become the 13th different winner at the oval this season.

In the 20-lap super late model main Jeff Miller Sr. scored his first victory of the season to push the division to 12 and 12 on the year, 12 races and 12 different winners.

The 355 econo late model championship event was scored by Dave Leidy after a rousing event.

The initial start of the 410 sprint main was called back for a false start while the ensuing restart was red flagged for a three car crash in the fourth corner that saw Daryl Stimeling and Scott Wilson flip.

The third try at the start was the charm and with Mike Wagner taking the lead Blane Heimbach pushed his mount from fourth to second with a two-car, inside pass of Nate Snyder and Logan Wagner in the fourth turn.

Heimbach was breathing down the leader’s neck seconds later when the yellow unfurled for a stopped Joey Hershey. The other 24 laps of the event went non-stop with eye-popping and dizzying efforts to snare control of the race unfolding.

Logan Wagner, the son of leader Mike Wagner, got by Heimbach when action resumed and throughout the race ran made a tremendous effort to steal the win from his father. Logan’s breakneck speed through the first and second turns while riding the cushion pushed him onto his dad’s bumper several times only to see the elder of the two preserve the lead as sixth starter Hodnett entered the picture.

After racing with Heimbach for third he took the position with nine laps to go amid hectic traffic as the leader worked the backmarkers. And then just as Hodnett took over third Logan Wagner was ready to make his move for a first ever 410 sprint win.

Again with an amazing burst of speed out of the second corner and down the backstretch Logan shot his mount underneath his father as the pair raced into the third corner. And then as Logan’s car slid up the track directly beside his dad’s machine in the middle of the turns, an amazing amount of restraint and ability by the duo is all that kept the pair from crashing together in the fourth corner and allowing Hodnett to get control.

But that failed attempt by Logan Wagner and the necessary backpedaling that took place to prevent disaster for the pair would end up costing the up and comer second to Hodnett with five laps to go.

Hodnett began blasting his car across the middle of the turns to cut down the distance between himself and leader Mike Wagner. However with two laps to go just as Hodnett had caught the leader, Mike Wagner cleared a backmarker racing back to the stripe and Hodnett failed to accomplish the same feat, and that sealed the victyory for the elder Wagner who took his 11th career Port win by 1.143 seconds over Hodnett.

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