Stone Pockets $4,044 For Hesston Score


MARS, Pa. – Dan Stone raced his way into the winners circle for the first time at Hesston Speedway Sunday night and received a $4,044 payday for winning Revolution 2013 for UFo/3 State Flyers Super Late Models.

George Dixon Jr., Mike Desch and Eric Boozel repeated feature wins from their required deep starting positions on the grid, while Terry Norris won his first race of 2013.

D.J. Myers and Kenny Pettyjohn lead the 28-car grid to the green flag for the 55 lap Super Late Model feature. K. Pettyjohn jumped out to the lead, but within a few laps Stone was fighting him for that position. Stone had recovered from a heat race incident and raced from the tail of that race to a feature redraw position and started 4th on the grid. Pettyjohn and Stone battled intensely side-by-side for six laps until Stone grabbed the lead on lap 14.

The race was slowed by only 2 caution flags for slowing cars on laps 19 and 26. On both of the double file restarts, Stone surged back into the lead with K. Pettyjohn in pursuit. The action behind the leaders was intense as Jamie Lathroum, Devin Friese and 14th starting Scott LeBarron swapped positions throughout the second half of the race. At the checker flag, it was Stone, K. Pettyjohn, Lathroum, Friese and LeBarron taking the top five positions.

Nick Dickson roared from 16th to sixth, while 19th starting Gregg Satterlee passed Jason Covert at the finish line to finish seventh. Covert, Myers and 25th starting Mark Pettyjohn rounded out the top 10.

Covert won the first heat race from the 11th position with Myers, Wilson and Mike Altobelli Jr. winning the other 3 heat races for the stellar 42-car field. Jeff Rine and Dickson split the consolation wins.

A new 2012 track rule relegating the previous feature winners to at least 10th on the starting grid provided a massive amount of passing action. Three of the previous winners claimed a second consecutive win while the fourth previous winner was racing for the feature lead when he spun out.

George Dixon Jr.  claimed his second consecutive win in the Semi-Late Model Sportsman championship after starting 12th on the grid. The 30 lap feature was showcased 8 whopping lead changes. Dave Dunkle lead the initial two laps with Donnie Farling leading the third lap. Dunkel came back to lead the next three laps before ninth starting Robbie Black took control on lap seven. Going into the first turn on that same lap, Dunkle made contact to the rear of Black sending Black spinning and both drivers to the rear. This gave the lead back to Farling for one lap.