Rutherford Doubles His Fun At Trail-Way


HANOVER, Pa. – “You never know what’s gonna happen,” explained Mike Rutherford in victory lane the first time following the 50-lap 270cc Micro Sprint, “but that’s racing.”

And despite his doubts about being able to win his second race in the 50-lap 600cc Micro Sprint feature, he pulled another car into victory lane and said, “I’ve never won two races in one night here.”

Rutherford claimed his wins in two 50-lap features during Trail-Way Speedway’s 23rd Kevin Gobrecht Memorial race Saturday night.

After racing more than 170 laps, Rutherford said in his second victory lane, “It was getting a little tiresome. I was ready for the race to be over.”

Rutherford qualified second in both features after racing in a double heat passing points format. The feature was lined up heads up after the passing points were calculated.

In the 270cc Micro feature, Rutherford claimed the lead on the first lap of a very long 50-lap race.

Several attempts to start the race resulted in a red flag for Colton Young, Tucker Dietz, Misti Kopp, and Jared Esh. Dietz was the only car unable to continue. And then another caution came out before the field completed the first lap involving Adrian Shaffer, Billy Logeman, Ryan Morris, and Brian Marriott. Logeman was the only car to continue.

Finally, in a single file restart, Rutherford bested polesitter Chad Myers (who accumulated the most passing points) to lead the first lap. Myers followed Rutherford through four more cautions and a red flag for Teddy Volz who flipped in turn four. Fortunately for Rutherford, Myers was unable to make any attempts to take the top spot. Rutherford crossed under the checkered flag 4.34 seconds ahead of Myers.

Cory Myers finished third, with Logeman and Matt Campbell completing the top five. Sixth through tenth were Michael Boer, Donahue Motorsports hard charger Eric Heath (he came from 21st to finish 7th), Levi Peck, Zach Fouse, and Young.

Misti Kopp traded her #29K and paint scheme for a 92 painted like Kevin Gobrecht’s former car in honor of the Kevin Gobrecht Memorial. Kevin’s mother, Donna Gobrecht shared an emotional experience in victory lane when she said, “It was a little bit of a shock to see it, but it was a good feeling.”

Even though Rutherford started second in the 600cc Micro Sprint feature as well, he had a tougher time getting to the lead.

Accumulating the most passing points was polesitter Brock Zearfoss. Zearfoss lead the first 28 laps before trying to dive under a lapped car with Rutherford on his tail. The lapped car of Zachary Light didn’t give Zearfoss the room to make the pass which caused Zearfoss to slide up the track, leaving an opening for Rutherford to steal the lead.

“We weren’t as good in the heat as we needed to be. We made a bunch of changes… Both cars were good [in the features] tonight, but the 600 was a little easier to drive.” said Rutherford of his night.

After Rutherford took the lead, he held onto the top spot with Zearfoss close behind at the checkered. Third through fifth were Shane Lewis, Dwayne Gutshall, and Donahue Motorsports hard charger Mike Dicely. Dicely started 21st and drove his way to a top five finish. Rounding out the top ten were Brad Weber, Tyler Esh, Tanner Hunsicker, David Holbrook, and Kevin Steele.

Zearfoss came in light at the scales following the event and was disqualified.

Mike Dicely picked up his first 1000cc Sidewinder Sprint win at Trail-Way Speedway Saturday night in the 15-lap feature event.

Dicely started on the pole and drove away to claim the win by 3.44 seconds. Kearchner crossed second and received the Hard Charger award from Donahue Motorsports as he drove from 6th-starting spot.

Third through fifth were Jason Stahl, Rohan Beasley, and Zach Overmiller. Dicely also won the lone heat event for the 8 1000cc Sidewinder Sprints.