Multiple Winners At Dog Hollow


STRONGSTOWN, Pa. — Dog Hollow Speedway presented the second annual Terry “Mole” Bassaro Memorial for the Rush Crate Late Models Sunday.

Feature winners include: Mike Ott, as he picked up the Mole Bassaro special for the Crate Late Models, Jon Lee in the Iron Horse Salvage 358 Semi Lates, Brad Benton in the Amsoil Pure Stocks and Jack Theys in the D.M. Craig Fabrication and Welding Four Cylinders.

Mike Ott and Joe Moyer led the Rush Crate Late Models to the green flag, with Ott taking the lead and never looking back, even through two early cautions, Ott never suffered a challenge as he went on to his third win of the season.

Moyer battled with first John Britsky then Bryan Benton as he fought to hold on the second spot. At the end it was Ott winning, over Moyer, Benton, Collin Burke and Tim Snare, Jr.  Britsky won the heat.

The 358 Semi Lates saw Chad Helman and Rich Wicker lead the field to the start. Wicker shot into the lead at the green with Helman second and Bernie Whiteford Jr. in third. Jon Lee, after having a bad heat race started 8th, and was heading to the front.

On lap 13, after a caution, Lee went under Wicker off the line and into the first and second turns, with the pair still side by side going into the third turn, Lee was able to take the lead exiting turn for as he got the win. Wicker, Whiteford, Helman and Caleb Whiteford. Completed the top five. Whiteford won the heat.

The Pure Stock Feature saw Sam McAdams and Andrew Wallace led the field to the start with McAdams taking the lead and Brad Benton chasing him. The duo ran door to door several laps with Benton trying the inside of McAdams for many laps, but McAdams was holding tough, then as the field worked through turns three and four on lap 12, Benton took to the outside and took the lead. Once out front, Benton was unstoppable as he went on to get his seventh win of the season. McAdams was second and Wallace rounded out the field.

Todd Davis and Jamie Noel brought the Four Cylinders to the green flag, but it was Kevin Criswell taking the lead from his sixth-place start. As he led he was holding off all challenges from Jack Theys, but a caution at the half way allowed the field to regroup, with Jack Theys taking the lead on the restart going into the first turn and he was able to hold off all challengers the rest of the way to get his third win of the season. Criswell held on to second, ahead of Dylan Young, Mike Potter and Brad Lemonovich. Criswell and Young split heat wins.