Port Royal Dream Race Still Growing


PORT ROYAL, Pa. – The Port Royal Speedway Living Legends Dream Race on Aug. 3 is getting richer.

Another way for sprint car drivers to make money and go home a winner from the lucrative race has been added to the event. On top of the already posted $50,000 purse money for twin 16-lap semis and a 30-lap A main, $3,000 in contingency cash and some $7,000 in contingency prizes that are up for grabs, a non-qualifiers feature has now been added to the event that pushes the total night’s value to sprint car drivers to a point nearing $70,000.

The non-qualifiers main will be run at the end of the night, following the Dream A main, and it will pay $500 to win and $150 to start. The number of laps in the special event for non-qualifiers will be set to correspond with the number of available entries for the special contest.

The addition of this contest to the Dream Race format now means that any driver who enters the night’s event will go home with no less than $400 in total earnings on the night.

Each of the 16-lap semi mains will pay $200 to start and for those who get pushed to the non-qualifiers race another $150 minimum will be added to their total for starting that event. Then factor in the minimum dollar value of all the Dream Race entry prizes to be distributed at $50 and the total adds up to a minimum $400 value in cash or prizes that will be going home with every driver just for entering the event.