Lear Seals The Hagerstown Deal


HAGERSTOWN, Md. – Running second in the Mallory Ford Late Model Sportsman’s Saturday feature on night two of Memorial Day weekend events at Hagerstown Speedway, Kyle Lear did it one better Sunday on night three.

He led all the way from the outside pole to pocket the Mallory Ford $1.000 in the 25-lap event, his second win of the season. With a six car inversion, Lear began from the outside pole and later beat Allen Brannon by 1.278 seconds.

“Track position was everything for us tonight,” Lear said. “We thought we were going to have our work cut out for us tonight and luckily we hit the set up in our heat so, we’ve been good all weekend, I mean, last night to run second to Justin Weaver; he was really good and tonight capped off a good weekend.”

Lear pulled to the front as Jonathan DeHaven and Weaver gave chase. DeHaven put up a good fight while holding off Weaver as Lear drove off to a more than four second lead and got to the rear of the field by the 14th lap. Frankie Plessinger closed on the pair battling for second as Lear had two rear cars behind him when the caution was displayed for the first time on lap 16.

On the restart, Plessinger charged around the outside and into second to go by the flagstand side by side with Lear on the 18th circuit, but suddenly the challenge was over as smoke rolled from Plessinger’s racer and he stopped in turn four.

In fourth, Brannon grabbed second on the ensuing restart as Weaver finally cleared DeHaven on the 20th circuit and gave chase but suddenly, he began slowing in the last two laps after hitting a piece of lead in turn two that came from someone’s racer and flattened his left rear tire.