Knaub Keeps Victory Lane Fresh At SSP


NEWBERRYTOWN, Pa. – Gene Knaub became the third different late model winner in as many events this season at the Susquehanna Speedway Park on Saturday night.

Jasen Geesaman took the checkers for the second straight week in the street stock 20 lap feature. Patrick McClane won the xtreme stock car 20 lapper. The 15-lap Road Warrior feature was won by Daryl Sipe. Brian Gagliardo won the PENNMAR Vintage Car 12-lap feature event. Zakari Kitner claimed his second 12-lap Mini Van feature this season. Keith Dorsey was the Jr. Road Warrior winner.

Saturday night’s racing program also marked the 300th racing event at the Big Track since the Fishers’ purchased the track in 2004.

“This is 100 times as many events as Bob Jones, then the promoter of the famed Williams Grove Speedway, said we would be in business when we took over the track,” said Todd Fisher.

Bob Jones publicly said that the Fishers’ would be out of business within three races. Fisher also explained, “Jones and I spoke a few months ago and the topic came up and we had some good laughs about it. All is well between us.”

Polesitter Randy Chrisitne Jr. grabbed the early lead of the 25-lap late-model feature. On the second circuit. Gene Knaub, the other front row starter took the lead from Christine. Midway through the race, a brief caution period bunched up the field. On the restart, Knaub continued to lead over Christine.

At the finish, Knaub claimed his 18th career SSP Late Model feature win. Christine settled for second with Billy Wampler in third. Season opener winner J.R. Rodriguez finished fourth with Steve Billet rounding out the top five. Knaub and Christine were the heat race winners.

Jim Palm Jr., the outside front row starter, grabbed the early lead of the 20-lap Street Stock feature. From a fifth place starting spot, Chris Derr took the top spot on the second circuit. Derr led until lap6 when Jasen Geesaman made the pass for the lead. The very next lap, Danny Beard became the third different leader in as many laps.

Beard led the field with the top five runners very close behind. Coming to the finish, Jasen Geesaman made a pass for the lead going into turns one and two. The pair remained side-by-side down the backstretch. As the pair exited turn four, Beard spun low and down the frontstretch collected a few cars at the end. Geesaman took the checked over Chris Derr. Scott Thunberg finished strong in third, followed by Matt Wampler and Jim Palm Jr. rounding out the top five. Geesaman and Palm were heat race victors.

The 20-lap Xtreme Stock Car feature event had front row starter Davey Nester lead the first sixteen circuits until Patrick McClane took the top spot away on lap 17. Nester continued to slow with as the race progressed to the finish. McClane claimed his second straight feature at the end with Johnny Palm finishing second. Palm was the Madison House Hard Charger of the race after starting 10th. Jim Jacobs finished third with Dan Snyder and Nester rounding out the top five. Heat race winners were Nester and McClane.

Daryl Sipe took the lead on the start of the Road Warrior 15 lapper and went on to take the victory over Dennis Dorosz and Curt McDade. Tim Osheehan and Ricky Weaver completed the top five. Travis Brown and Sipe were heat race winners.

In the 12-lap PENNMAR Vintage Car feature, heat race winner Brian Gagliardo led from start to finish to take the checkers. Scott Rickrode claimed second palce, followed by Larry Felty and Rick Pastor. John Marks rounded out the top five.

Zakari Kitner lead from start to finish to win the 12-lap Mini Van race. Roy Denike finished second, followed by John Kitner in third. Richard Wolfe finished fourth.

Daryl Kump won his first career SSP Figure 8 race leading from start-to-finish. Ricky Weaver came from a fifth place starting Spot to claim second over Dennis Dorosz. John Drummer and Richard Siegman rounded out the top five.