Graver Earns Mahoning Valley Victory


LEHIGHTON, Pa. – Once again Kris Graver topped the Modified field at Mahoning Valley Speedway, winning for a third straight weekend and with this score came a bonus as he becomes the new point leader.

After prevailing in the first of Twin 50 lap features on June 21, Graver has parked in Victory Lane every week since

Graver battled with early leader Brian Romig until six laps to go. That’s when he went to Romig’s outside and took control. He then had to retain Nevin George at the finish.

“I guess you could say this has been my month. It would be awesome if I could keep doing this but it’s getting tougher and tougher,” said Graver, who won $1800 for his effort.

Chip Santee led for the first three laps then Romig made a pass for the lead and was looking to notch his career first win at the track. As he led, the opposition on his rear tail was as fierce as could be, with Santee, Kyle Strohl, George and Graver all packed together.

That was pretty much the tone for the race, close tight action, and for the second half it became even more intensified. Romig was clinging to the lead while Strohl and Graver went two-wide for second. Then George got into the thick of things. Four cars with 10 laps to go and anyone’s guess as to who would win.

With six to go Graver stepped it up and throttled by Romig for the lead. With four laps remaining George did the same and then hung on his rear bumper right to the finish.

For Frankie Althouse, getting to the lead was one thing as he raced hard with Jeremy Miller. However, once in front it was no contest as he went on to a dominating Late Model win by nearly four seconds.

Althouse charged into the top spot on lap eight and then gradually pulled away for his third win of 2014.

After the restart it was Mooney’s brother, Justin, who would give Bowers a run for his money. The two fought nose to tail the rest of the way with Bowers just holding on for the close victory, his second of the season.

Reigning Dirt Mod champ Jeff Parker won on April 19 of this year but since then had suffered some very tough luck including two hard crashes, the later had sidelined him for a few weeks.

Dave Chapman crossed the finish line first in the Pro 4 feature but what would have been his second feature was negated after he failed post-race inspection.

Leading from the outset, Chapman was holding his own until point leader Nick Baer zeroed in on him with five laps to go and stayed glued to the checkered flag. The win was awarded to Baer, his fifth of the year.

Making his first start at Mahoning Valley Speedway, Harry O’Neill scored an upset win in the Hobby Stock feature.

For a second straight time this season Randy Ahner Jr., was the star of Small Car Enduro in a race that went 200 laps over a one hour period.

The finish:

Kris Graver; Nevin George; Kyle Strohl; Brian Romig; Lou Strohl; Eric Beers; Todd Baer; Chip Santee; Scott Meckes; Kevin Rex Jr.; Brandon Oltra; Bobby Jones; Earl Paules; Roger Coss; Don Wagner;Todd Geist; Joe Mooney