Fullone Pockets $5,000 In Clearfield


CLEARFIELD, Pa. – Sam Fullone capped off the 2012 TBRA and CNB Bank Raceway Park season with a victory in the Window World 100 sponsored by Kuntz Motors and dedicated to former scorer Pete Park.

Time Trials for the 24-car TBRA season finale saw Barry Awtey set the fastest time at 17.503 seconds on the five-eighths-mile asphalt circuit. The invert pill showed the top six drivers being inverted with Dave Whittaker getting the pole position for the 100-lap grind.

At the initial waving of the green flag it was Whittaker taking the lead from fellow front row starter Wade Miniea and set the pace for the first 11-laps when the caution waved for a spinning Glenn Gault Jr. in turn two.

On the restart, Whittaker’s No. 2W would not come up to speed and he ended up dropping out of the event, giving the lead over to Miniea, who had Fullone in second and trying his best to get by the leader.

Gregory Kelley looped the No. 44 on lap 18, halting action once again, then two laps later Fullone was able to get the lead from Miniea as two crashes occurred on lap 20, halting the action and sidelining several cars. While some of the impacts were hard, thankfully no one was injured.

Fullone continued to set the pace through several more yellow flags, but he wasn’t walking away from the field as Jimmy Carter was starting to mix it up with the leaders, as he took second from Miniea on lap 42 but the three stayed nose to tail and about 10-car lengths ahead of the fourth place battle.

As the race wore on Fullone still had the pace, sitting through more cautions but holding off the challenges, then on lap 83, Carter was able to find an opening and take the lead from Fullone, but Fullone wasn’t about to just lie down and follow Carter.

He battled back and resumed the lead on lap 89 and held off late challenges from Sever, Tom Fares Jr, Matt Barndt and Garry Wiltrout, but when Denny Carson waved the checkered flag it was Fullone taking the victory and $5,000 with Fares, Jr., Barndt, Sever and Wiltrout completing the top five.