Layton Beats The Odds At Port Royal


And when the race resumed, Erdley seemed to have new life, first trying a move low in the first and second turns before tucking in behind Layton as the pair navigated through three and four, headed for the white flag.

And then when Layton went low into the first corner, Erdley rolled the top to perfection and whisked by exiting the second corner with the lead.

However, a stopped Dave Hahn moments later in the second corner brought out the caution flag instead of the checkers and the one lap dash to the finish found Layton back in front for the new green, taking advantage of his reprieve thanks to the yellow.

Layton made his car wide heading into the first corner, leaving Erdley to try another run around the top that put him to the leader’s inside as the pair raced down the backchute with Layton continuing to play defense.

Erdley backed out of the inside run as Layton moved lower on the track and a mad run around the top of turns three and four by Erdley found him swerving to the inside of Layton as the pair took the checkers with Layton holding on for the victory.

““Nothing I wouldn’’t have done if I was in his place,”” Erdley said after the race of Layton’’s defense on the final restart.

Erdley finished .297-second behind Layton, followed by Lance Dewease, Lasoski and 13th starter Rick Lafferty.

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