Griffith Goes The Distance At Fremont


FREMONT, Ohio – Caleb Griffith had to be not only a talented 410 sprint car driver but a very smart one too Saturday night at Fremont Speedway.

The Sandusky, Ohio Driver lost the lead to Craig Mintz, then retook it with nine laps to go, then lost it on the white flag lap to Byron Reed before regaining it on the final lap to score the win on Adkins Sanitation and Fence Night.

The victory will tighten up the point battle in the Kistler Racing Products FAST (Fremont Attica Sprint Title) Championship standings after three events. The season-long winner will take home $10,000.

“To have Craig Mintz pass you…Craig’s running the bottom and that’s their deal for sure. To pass him back I was like ‘whoa we got this deal going pretty good.’ Then I saw Byron (Reed) was third on the caution (with seven laps to go) and I thought he must be rolling pretty good. Then coming to the two or three to go I saw him underneath me…he got an awesome run off the bottom. So I was like ‘better pony up and get her to the curb and get off the corners so I can get down to the bottom and deal the corner getting in there,” said Griffith.

“I set up that last lap in the three and four end. I knew I really had to get off the corner and I had been kind of not pushing it…kind of lollygagging it off the corner because I didn’t want to get into the fence or anything like that. It’s pretty thin out there. I saw him and I knew I had to turn right and get it into the cushion and I did and drove her off,” continued Griffith of his fifth career Fremont win.

And while the Fort Ball Pizza Palace 410 Sprint feature was exciting, the drivers in the Fremont Federal Credit Union didn’t disappoint. The last five laps in heavy lapped traffic had everyone holding their breath. In the end Jordan Ryan held off John Ivy and Nate Dussel to score his second career Fremont Victory.

“I heard someone coming from behind and I knew I had to get through that rut in three and four. It was getting slicker in three and four and I was barely making it through. I knew I had to get around those lapped cars…it was tough,” said Ryan. “I knew John Ivy and Nate Dussel would be coming around the top. I knew I had to be flawless and make no mistakes.”

In a crash-filled feature for the AAA Ohio Auto Club Dirt Trucks, for the third week in a row a driver had a perfect night – setting a new track record, winning his heat and winning the feature. But, unlike the first two when it was Shawn Valenti, Daniel Roepke Jr. made the most of his first night of racing in 2014. The Woodville, Ohio driver was perfect on the night, taking the lead from Dustin Dinan on lap 14 and going on to score his ninth career Fremont victory.

“I don’t know what I was thinking taking the first two weeks off. We just started working on this thing this past week,” said Roepke.