Double Features During Thursday Thunder


Riley Thornton led the first Allred Family Dentistry Semi-Pro feature. Following an early caution, Thornton led closely followed by Jay Coen, who took the lead with eight laps to go in the race. A caution set up a restart with seven circuits remaining. Coen got past Thornton with three laps remaining and held on to capture his first Thursday Thunder win of the season.

The second Fun Junction Young Lions feature got underway with Woodrow Mullis on the point. The caution flag flew a lap into the race following a two-car accident involving Alex Coffey and Payton Ryan. Mullis continued to lead as the race restarted. A spin by William Byron restarted the field seven laps into the race. Byron rallied back, getting past Mullis on the final lap to claim his third win of the season.

Clay Thompson led the second Bandits feature as it started before a multiple-car accident on the first lap. Zach Leonhardi assumed the lead on the restart, pacing the field until the caution flag flew three laps later. Leonhardi continued to lead as the race restarted, successfully negotiating lapped traffic throughout the race to claim the win.

Ryan Howell asserted control of the second beginner bandolero feature early on. He harnessed the momentum en route to picking up the checkered flag.

In the second pro division feature, Jordan Black paced the field to the green flag. William Plemons III took the lead four laps into the race, and Joey Padgett moved into second place. Plemons pulled away as he claimed his seventh win of the season.

Spencer Moseley led the second Masters feature to the green flag. Scott Moseley snagged the lead on the third lap as the two drivers established an early cushion in front of the rest of the field. Scott Moseley hung on by the skin of a toothbrush, winning in a three-wide finish at the checkered flag with Spencer Moseley and Skip Nichols to his inside.

Joshua Hicks led the Outlaws feature as the green flag fell before being overtaken by Jensen Jorgensen within the opening laps. A two-car accident on the backstretch set up a restart with eight laps remaining. Ashton Winger cashed in on the opportunity, making a pass coming out of turn four with five laps remaining. That was enough for Winger, who led the rest of the way as he captured the checkered flag.

In the second Allred Family Dentistry Semi Pro feature, Amber Fleeman led the field as the green flag fell prior to William Martin taking the lead. A pair of cautions restarted the race with 10 laps remaining. Coen muscled his way into the lead with eight circuits to go en route to a win and a sweep of both features in the division on Thursday.