Decker Finds Brewerton Victory Lane


With Decker running the top of the speedway most of the race and Bower the bottom, Decker was able to drive around Bower on lap 22 to be scored the new leader.

With 10 laps to go Decker was still turning quick laps as Bower and Sheppard tried to keep pace as Planck and Phelps still showed in the top-five.

On lap 26, Sheppard moved into the runner-up spot as he took off after Decker as this race was far from over.

Over the last five laps Decker and Sheppard put on a battle royal as they battled in and out of lapped traffic, but in the end Decker was a touch quicker as he was the first under the checkers for the exciting win. Bower, Planck and Ryan Phelps rounded out the top-five.

In victory lane with a tire going rapidly soft, Decker exited his No.91 to talk about his win.

“It feels good to be here let me tell you, it was another hard fought win here at the Brewerton Speedway. I’m not sure I had the best car, but had the preferred line the last five to six laps, I think we got away with one tonight.

“He was strong (Chuck Bower) Dale (Planck) and Matt (Sheppard) were going to be right there. My car was a little tight early. I got balanced really good and then it started going away towards the end. It was very typical, things change a lot here at Brewerton. You have to move around. I thought Matt was going to roll us on the top, then I got him cleared and went to the top and was able to get around Chuck, it’s flat-out exciting racing here.”