Dave Blaney Scores At Port Royal


The red flag again unfurled with 12 laps down, this time for a turn one connection between Davey Sammons and Mike Ruttkamp when at the same time Doug Esh and Mike Wagner made contact on the backchute.

Dewease flexed his muscle on this restart and raced a lane higher into the first corner and handily drove into second before setting sail for leader Brian.

And he had caught the leader when on the 19th circuit upon setting the car into the first turn his right rear tire flew to pieces, causing his No. 27 to roll over after twirling out of control.

The restart placed Lafferty and Blaney in tow and it soon was clear that Blaney was taking a page out of Dewease’s book by blasting through the middle of the turns a lane higher than those in front.

And as the trio raced with just over three laps to go, Blaney again blasted the middle through the third and fourth turns when leader Brian’s car jumped out of gear, which in turn stunted Lafferty’s pace and the pair then watched as Blaney completed a two car pass for the lead and win.

At the finish, Blaney’’s margin of victory was 2.822 seconds.

Lafferty rode home second followed by 20th starter Blane Heimbach, Chad Layton and Brian.