Clash At The Creek Begins At 141


Bruechert caught Wichman with ten laps to go and picked up the lead the next lap. Bruechert set sail but not before he had one last battle. Andy Kleczka worked his way around Wichman and into the runner-up position with five laps remaining. Kleczka was able to make a charge at Bruechert late but ran short. Bruechert picked up $500 for his efforts in front of Kleczka. Wichman finished third. J.J. Anderson won the late race battle over Parsons for fourth.

It took two starts to get the IMCA Stock Car A Main underway. Larry Karcz would lead his one and only lap up front until Justin Temeyer had his car hook-up. Temeyer would put a slide job to work on lap two and pick up the lead. A couple cautions halted the race early allowing Rod Snellenberger and John Heinz to get to the back seat of Temeyer. Snellenberger had the first crack at the leader but couldn’t find the right lane.

Heinz waited his turn and pounced when Snellenberger opened the door for second. Heinz grabbed the spot and tracked down Temeyer as he entered lapped traffic with six laps to go. Temeyer had to slow when he got behind the lapped traffic allowing Heinz to lead a lap with five to go. Temeyer worked back to the top and grabbed the lead for good with four to go. Heinz ran the leader hard but came up short. Temeyer won $500 in his first event at the speedway. Snellenberger finished third. Bret Koehler moved from his fourteenth
starting spot to finish fourth. Jay Schmidt ran to a top five finish.