Ceravolo Returns To Waterford Victory Lane


Ceravolo lined up outside of Mucciacciaro on the front row when the race was able to restart cleanly. He spent two laps on the outside racing hard for the lead before tucking in line behind Mucciacciaro who momentarily fended off the challenge. A lap later, Ceravolo dove inside Mucciacciaro in turn three to lead the way on lap nine. Once clear of Mucciacciaro, Ceravolo pulled away to a large lead as the race stayed clean and green.

Behind Ceravolo action was red hot as Mucciacciaro held back the advances of Tyler Chadwick, who took third from Joe Gada on lap 12. Keith Rocco followed Chadwick to fourth position and the two resumed their torrid battle for the win the last time the division raced. They joined Mucciacciaro in a tight three-car battle for second position that endured for several laps.

As the trio put on a spirited battle Ceravolo continued to pull further ahead to over a full straightaway. On lap 23 Chadwick finally found momentum to barrel underneath Mucciacciaro in turn three, bringing Rocco with him as they advanced to second and third. With a limited number of laps remaining a caution flag was looking to be the only way to slow Ceravolo.

Rocco pestered Chadwick until he finally made the move to his inside down the front chute on lap 27, taking away second. Over the final eight laps Rocco tried to run down Ceravolo, however the lead was too much as another yellow flag never came. As Ceravolo coasted to his 22nd career win at the track in convincing fashion, Rocco wound up second and Chadwick third. Mucciacciaro finished in fourth and Craig Lutz took home fifth.

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