Blose Tops Third Bobik Memorial


On the restart it was still Mullen leading with Fenton second and Eckenrod working through the field. Fenton dropped out on lap nine as Eckenrod moved into second and chased Mullen to the end of the race. At the line the top five were: Mullen, Eckenrod, Randy Sterling, Barber and Goss. The heat was won by Eckenrod.

Dan Smeal and Fuzzy Fields led the Street Stocks to the start with Smeal taking the lead and Fields falling into second. As Smeal led, the fight for second was anybody’s to win, as Fields, Johnny Lindenpitz, Brian Rhed and Bob Rosman were battling for second, as Lindenpitz took second on lap four and headed for Smeal. Lindenpitz caught the leader but he couldn’t get past him as Smeal won his second feature of the season. Lindenpitz was second; Rhed was third with Rosman and Fields completing the top five. Smeal and Fields split heat wins.

Justin Queen and Jason Beichner led the Pure Stocks to the green flag with Beichner taking the lead and Queen falling to second. As Beichner led, Colton Joiner got into the mix and passed Queen for second as the race wore on, Beichner and Joiner were pulling away as Queen and Cody Hummel and Ben Krause were battling for third, with Hummel taking the spot, but Queen fighting back but when Allen Luzier waved the double checkered flags it was Beichner winning with Joiner, Hummel, Queen and Krause completing the top five. Joiner, Beichner and Jon Lee won the heats with Eric Lucas winning the consy.

The Four Cylinders went green with Stephanie Ivory and Jesse Laughard scheduled for the front row, but Laughard didn’t make the call, giving the outside pole to Darrin Thompson. Ivory took the lead at the start with Thompson in second and the front two were pulling away, as the battled for the lead, Thompson took the lead from Ivory on lap 11, then they made contact one lap later, with Thompson pitting for the night.

This allowed Ivory to continue on to the win with Bryan Warren, Mike Phillipson, Stephanie Lucas and Eric Luzier completing the top five. Aaron Luzier, Laughard and Ivory won the heats and Dustin Kemp won the consolation.

Only four Micro Sprints showed up for the action as Bob Garvey Jr. took the lead on the first lap and went on to get the win easily over Dave Hawkins, Kyle Colwell and Jason Hamacek.