Blood Boils At Franklin County


Thomason, who said Winslow deliberately caused the wreck, tossed his helmet at Winslow after the wreck but, in a postrace interview, said he was in good spirits.

“I’m alright,” Thomason stated. “My car’s better off than his car is and it’s going to stay that way next week.”

Devin Steele, who had inherited the victory in the previous race when Dudley and Sutphin got together, once again was put in a position to win this race but went on to finish second. After the race, Steele was miffed over Dudley’s driving style.

“Second place isn’t bad,” Steele said. “I’ll take second place like that any day over driving like (Dudley) does. He wants to sit over there and wreck (Sutphin) and door us. He hasn’t passed a single car up here tonight. We aren’t about to race like that.”

Johnny Cash went on to finish in third and Bobby Griffin rounded out the field of cars that were running at the completion of the 75-lap event.

Gary Ledbetter completed a three day racing weekend in victory lane collecting the bounty placed on Danny Bush in the Street Stock race with a dominant performance in the event. Ledbetter beat out Bush and Lynn Phoenix.

“We saw when they put the bounty on Danny and we knew he was the one to beat because he’s won the last six races or so. We knew he was pretty good. We were close on times in practice and I just got a good start while he got held up a little bit and we had a good race.”

Brittany Cockram scored her second win of the season in a wacky Mod-4 feature over Steve Cannaday and Matt Slusher. Cockram’s victory came after mechanical issues forced her to sit out the last race. The race took several minutes to start when multiple cars had issues during pace laps. The top three finishers were the only cars running at the end.

“A win is a win,” Cockram said. “It’s better to have it than not have it. This car surprised me today. We had a rough start last time and didn’t even get to race so, to come back and do this, it’s amazing and for everything to hold together makes it 10 times better.”

David Burnett scored the victory in the crash-marred Mini-Cup race outpacing Buck Mitchell who had been swept up in an incident earlier in the race, WJ. Altizer scored the victory in the U-CAR feature and JC Morgan put an end to Chris Amos’ winning streak by pacing the Street ModZ feature en route to victory.