Berwanger Outruns Kinkade At Skyline


Great racing from number one to 16 continued as Kenny Johnson meticulously climbed back into the mix. Johnson went to the high-side and rode a wave of momentum off turn two in passing both leaders to take the lead. Johnson’s turn four exit was not as memorable.

A lapped car collected Johnson, spawning a melee that eliminated Jarrad Willis on the 24th circuit and also collected Jessie Wisecarver. Kinkade reverted back to the lead, while Berwanger maintained second. Johnson had another good start, but again a caution voided his efforts.

Rick Aukland was now in the hunt after a race-long battle with Moorehouse, Wisecarver, Andy Bond and Roy Roush.

On the 25th round, Berwanger went to the high side, then after luring Kinkade up a groove made a cross-over move to the bottom where Kinkade slammed the door shut. Berwanger again went to the top and stayed there where he made the race-winning pass of Kinkade to collect the $1,699 win plus the Phantam Race Gear $500 Gift Certificate.

“I was certain I had a better car than him (Kinkade), but he was fast where he needed to be,” said Berwanger. “I didn’t want to get out of my groove and get freight-trained, so I rode it out. When I saw Kenny (Johnson) blow by us on the high side, I knew I had to get there (to the high groove) and that was the key to the win.”

The Mike’s Auto Body Mini-Wedges ran two features. Austin Washburn took the first win and Zach Carr claimed the second. Each feature was dedicated to Jack Shutts and Greg Schilling.

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