Bell Scores First Fremont 410 Victory


Ivy’s win in the 305 sprints was the third of the season and coupled with his 6 dirt truck feature wins his career total is now 45 at Fremont, moving him into a tie for sixth with Jimmy McCune on the all-time win list.

“I was running out of fuel. It fluttered going into the last corner. I have to thank everyone involved in this deal. Joey (Pasch, crew chief on the 305 sprint) can finally relax. He was a nervous wreck all day today. I have to thank Kenny and Karen Clark and all the sponsors, Fremont Fence, B&L Plumbing, Little Bar on the Prairie, Miller Rigging, Kistler Engines. We finally got us a championship….now we can finally race,” said Ivy who has now won Fremont Speedway championships in the 410, 305 and dirt trucks.

“The guys took a shot at the truck. Charlie says ‘what do you think John,’ and I said we accomplished what we wanted to so he changed this thing crazy. He did a bunch of things to it…it didn’t make it perfect but it definitely helped it. I think I just got wore out there at the end of the race. Man I’m tired,” said Ivy after the truck feature.

Bradner’s Nate Dussel got in an early race tangle and laid his car on its side. He would come back to record a 7th place finish, good enough to take the JLH General Contractors FAST Championship by four points over Ivy.

“You want to talk about the most stressful night of my life. First off hats off to John. I definitely didn’t give him that track title, he earned it. It’s pretty awesome to be on the front stretch with him. He’s someone I grew up watching and I have a ton of respect for him,” said Dussel.

“When the car was laying on its side I was like ‘please don’t let anything be broken.’ I knew it wasn’t going to be easy to get back up to eighth but I just wanted the opportunity. I didn’t want to get to the trailer and have to face the crew because that was totally driver error. I’m just exhausted. What a year…this is the capper. This means a lot to us. We’re a team that nothing gets handed to us…we work our asses off we deserve this,” added Dussel.

Dan Roepke Jr. would grab the lead in the dirt truck feature on lap two and would hold off Shawn Valenti to score his second win of the season and the eighth of his career.

“I got into both of the Wards there at the beginning and luckily didn’t get a flat tire. And Shawn was battling us there at the end. He raced us clean and I appreciate that,” said Roepke.

Grand Rapids, Ohio’s Brandon Myers would take the lead on a daring move with three laps to go and went on to score his fourth win of the season in the Computer Man Sports Compacts. With his second place finish, Gibsonburg’s Andrew Schroeder would claim his first track championship.

“I seen an opening and I wasn’t sure but I thought what the hell and went for it. Had a lot of fun this year,” said Myers.

“For my first year racing to get a championship is pretty awesome. I have to thank Matt Tille Enterprises, MRZ, Schroeder Outdoor Services, Willis Water Hauling, Gail’s Party Shop, Brian Sabo, Mom and Dad and Design Graphics Group,” said Schroeder.