Torn From The Headlines: March 17, 1954


Editor’s Note: The following was the lead story on page 3 of the March 17, 1954 issue of National Speed Sport News.

Concord Winner In Doubt as Officials Battle

Pages from March 17 1954CONCORD, N.C. — Cotton Owens, of Spartanburg, S.C., was listed as the winner of Sunday afternoon’s thrilling modified stock car race at Harris Speedway here, but a final decision on the outcome will have to await a ruling by NASCAR, the sanctioning body.

Col. Jack Thompson, official scorer, said Owens was the first driver to complete the specified 30 laps of the feature event and starter and chief steward Roby Combs said Concord’s Banks Simpson was the first to receive the checkered flag.

NASCAR headquarters will decide, Combs said, on one of these two questions:

1. Will the Banks Simpson scorers finish be official? Or 2. Will the flying of the checkered flag designate the official winner?

If the answer to question No. 1 is “yes,” Owens will be the winner. If question 2 is answered “yes,” the winner will be Simpson.

Meanwhile, Buddy Shuman of Charlotte was listed third with Leonard Tippett fourth.

Other Headlines:

– Ruttman Red Hot, Cops Late Model Test at Carrell

Troy Ruttman, who won the 1952 Indianapolis 500, won the 100-lap AAA national championship stock car race at California’s Carrell Speedway.

– T.E. (Pop) Myers, 80, Dead

Theodore E. (Pop) Myers, auto racing’s “grand old man,” died Saturday in Indianapolis. Myers, 80, was the last living official remaining from the original Indianapolis Motor Speedway staff.

– Joslin Fastest Of 13

Dick Joslin topped the 13-car stock car feature at Speedway Park in Jacksonville, Fla.