Racing History

Jim Hurtubise & The Mallard Indy Car

In late 1966, fan favorite Jim Hurtubise surprised many when he announced he would build a front-engine car for the 1967 Indianapolis 500.

Racing Happened To LeeRoy

Born at a time when hard work and determination was a man’s currency, LeeRoy Yarbrough earned it. Like many youngsters who dreamed of driving fast cars for a living, he sharpened his skills on the short tracks in and around his hometown of Jacksonville, Fla.
Dale Earnhardt (left) won the 1980 NASCAR Cup Series title with support from Mike Curb (right).

Mike Curb’s Long Love Affair With Racing

Mike Curb’s name is commonplace in many forms of auto racing — from sprint cars to Indy cars and at various levels of NASCAR.

Speedy Bobby Marshman’s Brief Career

It was May 30, 1964, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the crowd of more than 300,000 was stunned.

Moran Bags Baltes’s $1 Million Dirt-Late-Model Biggie

MILLION-DOLLAR MAN: Donnie Moran won the Eldora Million dirt-late-model race June 9, 2000. (NSSN Archives Photo)Donnie Moran claimed the richest prize in short-track racing...
HEADLINES: Senor Kinser

HEADLINES: Senor Kinser Stars In Mexico

SPEED SPORT has been covering auto racing for 85 years, and over that time, tens of thousands of stories from all forms of motorsports have been told in its pages, as well as online.

The Story Of ‘Iron Mike’ Nazaruk

In the aftermath of World War II, there remained a group of survivors who eluded death on the battlefield, but whose exploits left them with an insatiable hunger for adrenalin-generating adventure.

Looking Back At Chicago Area Racing History

Before getting too far along into the new racing season, let’s take a look back at Chicago area racing – 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 years ago.

Mike Mosley’s Natural Racing Talent

Though not as highly acclaimed as some he competed against, Mike Mosley was one of American racing’s most naturally talented drivers. In 2011, when racing historians, journalists and observers were ranking the top 33 drivers in the 100-year history of the Indianapolis 500, Mosley made most of the lists.

Built In 1958, Vaca Valley Raceway Still Sits Idle

Sitting just off of Interstate 80 midway between Sacramento and San Francisco are the remains of a multi-purpose raceway waiting for someone to step in and rescue it.

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