Racing History

Indy Cars Made One Tragic Attempt At Daytona Oval

On Feb. 11, 1959, 11 days before the first Daytona 500, former Hudson Hornet stock-car ace turned Indy-car driver Marshall Teague was asked to...

Salem Sprint-Car Crash Claims The Great Rich Vogler

STANDING BY: Rich Vogler stands alongside his sprint car at Indianapolis Raceway Park during the 1989 racing season. (Larry Van Sickle Photo)The United States...
parnelli jones

The Versatile Mr. Jones

The other day, Parnelli Jones was saying, “When I raced, never felt intimidated. I felt like I was the one doing the intimidating.”

Santa Fe Speedway Had Long History In Chicago

STOCKER: Santa Fe Speedway star Bill Van Allen used a Studebaker Lark to capture the track's late-model title in 1963. (Vince Mayer Photo) Perhaps...
Bob Veith

Bob Veith: 11-Time Indianapolis 500 Starter

Bob Veith raced in 11 Indianapolis 500s. He never won, but that mattered little to him as he was thankful to have just competed.

The Story Of The Chevrolet Brothers

There are few better known brands than Chevrolet. Millions own the internationally respected vehicles, but few realize the iconic company originated with three racing brothers — Louis, Gaston and Arthur Chevrolet.

Built In 1958, Vaca Valley Raceway Still Sits Idle

Sitting just off of Interstate 80 midway between Sacramento and San Francisco are the remains of a multi-purpose raceway waiting for someone to step in and rescue it.

Linda Vaughn: An American Classic

Linda Vaughn’s career soared as the iconic and shapely Miss Hurst Golden Shifter and few probably admired her teeth
Raymond Parks

NASCAR Legend Raymond Parks

Raymond Parks, one of Atlanta’s most successful businessmen, made his fortune in a quiet, unassuming way through his small conglomerate of liquor stores, cigarette and novelty machines, real estate and gas stations.
After a few quick practice laps at Indianapolis in 1961, Tony Bettenhausen poses for a photo. (Indianapolis Motor Speedway Photo)

Remembering Tony Bettenhausen

With the 103rd running of the Indianapolis 500 only days away, it seemed appropriate to remember the late Tony Bettenhausen.

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