Fredenberg 50 Memorial Returns Sunday


This will be the first Fredenberg Memorial that Betty will not be in attendance. She died in 2008. Betty had lost a brother to midget racing a year before her husband died at the track. She was very nervous and “scared to death” every time her children raced. When asked how her late husband would have viewed the fact that his children were racing, she knows he would have been very proud.

Al Fredenberg explained why there has been no race honoring his father since 2000.

“We have had a steady decline with midget racing and car counts which has saddened me greatly,” he said. “However, with new Angell Park promoter, Kenny Brown, the hope is to bring out fans that remember a different era.”

Fredenberg glows when remembering friends, fans and especially family that have attended races at Angell Park.

Acknowledging huge car counts of old are a thing of the past, he realizes how economics and available race money played a big factor in this. Fewer people were willing to go racing in this dangerous sport and possibly found a so-called safer route to go up the ladder. Fredenberg believes there are older racers that he hopes come out to re-experience the aura and excitement at this year’s Memorial.

So much has come together this season for a renewal of support for racing at Angell Park. He sees things looking better with the current powers-that-be and is hoping for a thrilling night of racing for this 50-lap Memorial.