A Lesson in History

Soft Spoken Henry Banks Showed Great Driving Ability

Henry Banks didn’t look like a race-car driver. Soft spoken and well mannered, he looked more like an accountant or a teacher. Yet, behind the wheel of a race car, that Clark Kent persona disappeared, replaced with an extraordinary finesse, aggression and ability.

Herb Harvey Made Junkyard Into His Own Dirt Track

Junkyard owner Herb Harvey built a dirt track next to a swamp in Lemon Township, north of Tunkhannock, Pa., and having no false modesty, named it after himself.

Black Beast Is Among Last Of An Unique Era Of Racers

The American Locomotive Co. was headquartered in Schenectady, N.Y., though a factory in Providence, R.I., actually built the ALCO-6 Black Beast, one of four racers in a run of 1,100 cars built between 1908 and 1913.

Bay Meadows Horse Track Had Grand Auto-Racing History

The history of U.S. auto racing is firmly rooted in fairgrounds dirt ovals — tracks originally built for horses. Though far less common, some privately owned horse tracks hosted auto races.

Banjo Matthews Carries Unique NASCAR Legacy

“When Banjo first came around, he wore a pair of glasses that were so thick, it made everyone, on first impression, think of a ‘banjo,’” said legendary car owner-car builder Bud Moore of Spartanburg, S.C.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Attracted Hoosiers Like Griffith

Born Clifton Reign Griffith in Nineveh, Ind., Feb. 6, 1916, Cliff Griffith spent his formative years in and around Indianapolis. Like most young men from central Indiana, he was inevitably drawn to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Cunningham Purchased Unique Offy Powerplant

Briggs Cunningham, a millionaire/sportsman based on Long Island, N.Y., was a pioneer in American sports-car racing. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, he...

CAMRA Played Key Role In Open-Wheel Racing History

If producing great racing and graduating drivers to higher levels is the yardstick, then the supermodified group known as the Canadian American Modified Racing...

Harry Gant Will Long Be Known As ‘Mr. September’

Major League Baseball had “Mr. October.” Reggie Jackson was instrumental in helping teams he played with in key games in playoffs and the World Series,...

Lance Reventlow Created The Scarab Racing Cars

His mother was Woolworths heiress Barbara Hutton. He was married, for a time, to actress Jill St. John. Cary Grant was a stepfather. The...